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cheapest broker

  1. J

    Cheapest Broker for Options, FX, US Indices, Gold

    Beginner Options Trader looking for best options broker for Australian residents. Are there any negative tax implications if I use a US or international Broker? Intending about 10 small trades a month, high return, high risk NTM options. Options will have daily, weekly or monthly expiries. I...
  2. J

    Cheapest Broker for ETFs

    Hi guys, I was wondering what would be the cheapest broker to buy and maintain ETFs long term. My goal is to put relatively small amounts on a semi regular basis, perhaps about 5 to 10k every 6 months into an all market equity ETF and a short to medium term bond ETF. Suggestions and...
  3. Azzachazza

    Cheapest brokerage commission rate

    Hi everyone, I have recently been thrown overboard from the TDAmeritrades clientele list. Some international jurisdiction rubbish. Anyway as bad as the situation was, they were cheap. All the Ex TDA traders from Australia are now looking for a new broker. I was just wondering if anyone out...