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  1. W

    Nabtrade charts slowly falling apart

    Not sure where to post this but here goes. I’ve been using Nabtrade for years but this year the charting package that comes with the platform has been slowly running down. It’s like watching a slow death. EG you can no longer put a SMA or EMA on a chart unless it’s 13 periods. forget trying...
  2. R

    Best laptop screen size for charts?

    I'm getting back into trading on the ASX and mainly relying on technical analysis in a weekly time frame. This is after a 15 yr hiatus. I fired up my spare work laptop with 15 inch screen and it promptly died with a CPU problem, I think. I then picked up my old mini 10 inch screen and that...
  3. Frankieplus

    Scanning charts for patterns - Where?

    How do you go about scanning stock charts for patterns? Is there a service that I can use that scans charts that can find patterns for me such as triangles, flags, anything that can signal a potential break out.. ? How does everyone do their scanning? -Frank
  4. Ann

    Economic Indicators Charted

    There are a number of economic indicators that come out on a monthly or quarterly basis, these often have quite a dramatic effect on the markets. Recently I have found a number of these indicators in chart form, which makes them far more interesting and potentially more predictive. Hopefully...
  5. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

    As suggested I will post up charts with analysis to follow. I search for Volume Control Bars and save them to file. I have 2 searches (1) For Today (5) 5 Days ago so we can look for any patterns. Most VCB bars have price form an inside bar the next day,this is common Strong bars will continue...
  6. F

    Chart Help

    Hi Peeps, Firstly just wanna thank anyone that can help me out here, i am pretty new in the stock market and just seeking some information in regards to charts. I just wanna ask if its possible to if i can add like a pointer to the chart every time the stock price hit certain price, as in for...
  7. futureperth

    Commsec for trades, but what else for further charts/analysis?

    Good evening all, First post here, so here goes... I am using Commsec for my actual trades/orders, and subscribed to morningstar for some extra recommendations. I tested out IRESS last night and gosh it was horrible, so i unsubscribed and came across Turbo Trader which seems to have a...
  8. StewyD32

    Free Technical Analysis Charts

    Hi All, This has probably been covered so please forgive but I'm finding it hard to source one. Im looking for a free website where I can do T/A on charts which has a wide variation of analysis options or even decent websites. (ASX stocks) I tried to download a few free trials but they do not...
  9. A

    Are there any charts available where you can set stop losses?

    Hi All, I'm new to stock investing and don't know if I'm asking the right question but I wanna know if there are any live charts on which you can set conditions for a stop loss and then you can check regularly live in the index if the stock is breaching that condition or not, like trailing...
  10. M

    Detailed charts

    Does anyone know of online charts that show impacting information against the share price line eg. dividends, major announcements, market announcements etc.
  11. A

    View multiple stock charts at once?

    Anyone know whether there is a tool out there to view multiple stock charts (line graph) all at once. Anything on Commsec or ASX?
  12. D

    Chart Types: Continuous vs. Gap

    How many of you use both or prefer only one of these types. List pro's and con's This could tie into why I think CFD providers only provide continuous data.
  13. KnowThePast

    Sector/Market charts and outliers

    A question for anyone that has previous calculated average PE, PB, etc for the entire sector, or entire market. What is/are the accepted ways to deal with outliers? To give an extreme example, a company with a market cap of $100m reports a $1k profit, putting it on a PE of 100,000. One...
  14. burglar

    T/A; like Notes on Sheet Music

    Pass sheet music to a musician and watch him transform it into music. Then try to convince me that the patterns don't exist!
  15. B

    Which chart pattern to stick to?

    I understand entry is only a small part of the complete trading cycle. I understand the exit is very important as is money management. I remember reading somewhere in one of Nick Radge's articles (and elsewhere, most likely here) to be consistent, whatever you decide to do... be consistent with...
  16. B

    Reasons for chart patterns

    Been trying to get better familiar with chart patterns. At the top left/middle of the chart. Would I be correct in saying that a resistance level has been breached and then turned into a support level? If this is the case. Why does this happen? I mean, what is the reasoning behind a...
  17. S

    Live ASX Stock Charts

    Hi Guys, can anyone tell me where I can get good live charts for the ASX? - not interested in anything delayed and I don't mind paying if I have to.
  18. B

    Applications/software for stock market prices and charts

    Is there any such software or application that has live prices and chart movement of the stock market just like on the tv shows and movies how they have all there charts and live prices up?
  19. darkhorse70

    Daily vs. weekly charts

    Sup everyone. Sorry to bother you guys with these noobie questions and im sure i can find the answer to my query if i search for it .But in the short time that ive been paper trading and learning about stocks and building my technical analysis skills my brain feels like its overloaded with a...
  20. tech/a

    Technical Trading Exercise (Pavilion103 and tech/a) Charts and Spreadsheets

    Ive noticed that over the years most who want to profit from Trading or Investing in Stocks dont actually know how to apply the vast number of analysis options available to them into a profitable trading Plan / Method. Endless theories/ideas/hypothesis and constant changing from one idea...