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  1. Zaxon

    Charting and Fundamentals are fake...unless you believe in them

    To a fundamental investor, "head and shoulders" is an anti-dandruff shampoo, and technical investors may as well be reading tea leaves. To a value investor, the fact that the share price is plummeting isn't important, because they know that the "One True Value" of the stock will win in the end...
  2. V

    Charting Platform with Saxo Bank

    Hey All... New here so a big hello and thanks for viewing. I've landed on SB as broker much due to the commissions and min amounts / leverage for CFD. Their platform is decent however, it does not allow for a custom time frame of 2 min chart and only has options of 1 min and 5 min. After...
  3. Garpal Gumnut

    SMSF Long Term ASX Stocks Using Charting

    Is anyone interested in discussing LT investment in ASX Stocks? Using TA. It's been very good for my SMSF though hairy/scary at times which is good.
  4. M

    Using CMC CFD platform

    So I have a CMC stockbroking account, and for $10 a month I can get live data, course of sale ect. Now on the CFD platform you get much better charting tools, but do you get the depth and course of sale data? Has anyone tried this? Seems like you can open a CFD account for free, seems like...
  5. Ann

    Charting Forex

    G'day all, Couldn't find a thread which was strictly Technical Analysis for Forex, hopefully I haven't missed it. Thought I would share my long term view of the Euro on a monthly chart showing the long term falling channel in which it has been traveling for a long time. It looks as though...
  6. A

    Downloading ASX Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance and Charting them in MT4 using Perl

    Another project I've been working on is downloading End of Day ASX stock quotes from yahoo finance and loading these up on Metatrader 4 charts. What is required here is the installation of perl on your machine in order for things to work. I think from memory you can download and install Active...
  7. J

    Charting software that can replace MS Money

    I have been using MS MONEY for along time and MUST keep my records intact. Because MS discontinued supporting the programme some time ago I have been manually updating prices......very slow! I don't mind paying a one off fee for a good replacement programme that can upload MONEY data but don't...
  8. Roller_1

    Charting software

    hi guys, I just want to get people's thoughts on the best charting software out there, and how much you paid for them. Cheers
  9. B

    Computer hardware - Charting apps

    up front - sorry for my long winded story i am looking for some software to help look at chart quickly on a 2nd monitor which change every minute or change with large movement :1zhelp: at the moment i am struggling trading with my current set up . :confused: Any tips of help would be...
  10. S

    Charting for different time frames

    sorry if this is in the wrong sub forum but anyway... When charting shout one make seperate charts for a stock over different time periods? eg long term investment i dont find interesting but making say, 3 charts for one stock (short, medium, long) must be a good thing to get a more...
  11. R

    Charting software for Stan Weinstein's method

    Hey guys, just reading Stan Weinstein's book on technical analysis and just looking to find software for mac to make the 'Mansfield' charts. These charts have a price line, 30day MA, relative strength, volume and yearly high/lows. Im currently looking at Beesoft ProTA, amibroker and metastock...
  12. N

    Teach me how to chart

    Hi, So far I've been making investment decisions based on fundamentals but can never time my entries/exits right. I'm interested in learning charting to better play the game...can someone teach me how to chart? or refer me to information? I currently use incredible charts software Cheers
  13. W

    Investment Software - What do you recommend for the beginner?

    Hey Guys, Question is in the thread title, what investment software do you recommend to the beginners? Ive searched and come across many "which software?" threads but none that were suggested for the beginner that would also help with the learning curve for T/A. Also cost per month etc would...
  14. V

    Fundamental or Technical Analysis?...Which is the best predictor of Price?

    Hello All First post, first Forum and first time beginner investor...Hope to learn from all your wisdom :-) Actually participated twice in the ASX Investors Sharetrading end of the last game I ranked 6000/11595 nationally...not really what i had hoped....although at one point (prob...
  15. M

    Are charting tools effective for share trading?

    As an avid share trader I’ve often wondered just how effective charting tools are for trading shares. I say this because charting tools were originally created or designed to trade derivatives or futures and therefore take the following fields of pricing information into calculation. Open, High...
  16. C

    Chart Patterns

    G'day Chart Patterns..can they work or are they useless?? cheers, ceasar73.:)
  17. P

    Best Broker + data + charting combo

    Hi, I was wondering personally what your favourite combination for trading ASX equities is. I'm looking for charting program where you are able to make custom indicators. Thanks, Paul
  18. F

    Free real time charting for day trading

    :)Where could I find FREE real time charting for day trading ? Not 20 mns delay one such as what Etrade offers.
  19. Porper

    Charting for beginners

    Richkid and myself think it could be a good idea to post a few charts and do a few exercises, helping each other out, maybe of some interest to a few people just starting out learning about TA like myself and Richkid. BOC is my pick for the comp, purely as a learning curve, I do not hold...
  20. RichKid

    Point & Figure Charting - secret weapon?

    Does anyone use this style of chart regularly? I have heard it mentioned very favourably by some very experienced trading authors. For example, Daryl Guppy has an article on it on his website I'm also looking for a free online charting site (like...