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  1. Techbuy

    Looking for Beta tester for charting/filtering software

    Does anyone who is a share trader live in or is near Silverwater to test, trial and work with us on a charting program we have written. It will allow searching and filtering to look for specific volumes and trades as well as multi screen min-windows and multi watch lists. You can create, manage...
  2. B

    ASX charting programs are clunky and overpriced

    Anybody else despair at the cost/features of charting software and services for the ASX? I've spent last few years on US futures and wanted to start looking at the ASX again but it seems like even the free services for US shares are light years ahead of paid services for the ASX.
  3. D

    Trading (charting) software/programs?

    I'm trying to choose some charting software but don't know where to start. I'm aware of some of the free options like Incredible Charts, Big Charts, and Yahoo Finance, but they are all limited in some way.. The online options provide live data (delayed to some extent) but not many indicators...
  4. Dividend

    Option charting software?

    Is there a software on the market that can drawing options charts?
  5. C

    Live option charting software for Australian share market

    I was hoping that there maybe some other Option traders out there who trade Australian options and could help guide me on what they consider to be a good charting and technical analysis software with live pricing on Australian shares as well as live pricing on Australian option chains. To give...
  6. W

    Charting software with scanner

    hi all I'm fairly new to this forum, and i have never had a position opened on an stock listed on asx. I have a couple of questions 1) How sensitive is Asx to technical analysis? because I've been following a couple of stocks, and there seems to be huge gaps, and not much trading...
  7. G

    Complete system (broker/charting software/data) suggestions

    Hi everybody, I would like to trade stocks online and there are so many choices available. To do what I want I belive I need the following: broker charting software for technical analyses data feed I would like to save money and not spend much (at least in the beginning)...
  8. damdin

    What is good free charting software?

    Hi guys, What is good free charting software to use for beginner. I have been using IncredibleCharts for some time. While I like its simplicity and convenience, not being able to see price/data at the end of the trading day is seriously bothering me. Is there anything similar to this...
  9. J

    Charting software that can replace MS Money

    I have been using MS MONEY for along time and MUST keep my records intact. Because MS discontinued supporting the programme some time ago I have been manually updating prices......very slow! I don't mind paying a one off fee for a good replacement programme that can upload MONEY data but don't...
  10. Roller_1

    Charting software

    hi guys, I just want to get people's thoughts on the best charting software out there, and how much you paid for them. Cheers
  11. K

    Broker's Platform or Trading Software Package?

    Can anyone tell me if there is any real advantage to using a trading software package like Metastock, EzyProfessional, or BullCharts as opposed to using the trading software platform offered by your on-line broker eg. WebIRESS, MarketMaker etc, As a beginner to share/CFD trading. trading...
  12. C

    Best charting/system testing software?

    If I wanted to design a purely mechanical trading system and extensively back test it using end of day data on hundreds of markets, what software would be best? I currently use Metastock for charting but before I start writing and testing formulas I want to make sure I am using the best...
  13. ASK

    Free Charting Software and Data

    Hi guys, Just a quick one - I was after some free trading software that will allow me to draw graphs etc. Im still a newbie, and dont want to pay for anything - just something to play around with. Adam