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  1. G

    Consolidation Period

    The Aroon indicators signal a consolidation when both are below 50 and/or both are moving lower with parallel lines. It makes sense that consistent readings below 50 are indicative of flat trading. For 25-day Aroon, readings below 50 mean a 25-day high or low has not been recorded in 13 or more...
  2. G

    Elliott Wave Counts

    The ZigZag feature can be used to filter out small moves and make Elliott Wave counts more straightforward. The chart below shows the S&P 500 ETF with a 6% ZigZag to filter moves less than 6%. After a little trial and error, 6% was deemed the threshold of importance. An advance or decline...
  3. G

    Pivot Points

    Pivot Points offer chartists a methodology to determine price direction and then set support and resistance levels. Price direction is determined by looking at the current period's price action relative to the pivot point: starting above or below the pivot point, or crossing it in either...
  4. Sdajii

    Head and Shoulders Forming? Current Chart

    I first noticed this potentially forming a head and shoulders pattern last week, this morning it had a red/black candle which has now recovered and I'm wondering if it might form the base of a right shoulder on an inclining neckline. Thoughts?
  5. J

    Swing trading chart time frame

    Just a quick question about Advanced charts If i may... When swing trading what time frame do most prefer to use? I figure day traders are going to use 1 minute or 5 min. Do you use hourly or daily to help you? a combination? zooming out from 5 min to daily or weekly to see a wider picture...
  6. StockyGuy

    Incorrect usage of entry chart and anchor chart in forex?

    So just recently returning after long absence to forex. While I have been profitable in all three trades, I'm disappointed at not cutting losses early on one trade. I let it come back round my way - so it ended as small profit. I'm not using much leverage so could handle price going against...
  7. Frankieplus

    Could someone help me interpret this please?

    Hi everyone, I'm very much new so I'm sorry for this seemingly dumb post. But I'm trying to make sure I understand this recommendation. I have attached a screenshot. I am assuming that the given scenario here is to buy at $13.06 and sell at $13.45 or $13.90 ? And put a stop loss at $11.54...
  8. F

    Stock Chart Help

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if there is any way to apply a tool over different charts to see what the outcome would have been, example I buy ASX200 & OBX25 everytime it drops one percent from its highest and close it when it reaches that one percent, I continue to do this upto 10% using...
  9. Ann

    XTJ Telecommunications Services Index - Charted

    Currently there are six stocks that make up the XTJ Telecommunications Services Index at the time of posting. CNU - Chorus Limited SPK - Spark New Zealand Limited SDA - Speedcast International Limited TLS - Telstra Corporation Limited TPM - TPG Telecom Limited VOC - Vocus Group Limited In...
  10. Gringotts Bank

    DOM overlaid on price chart

    Does anyone know of a platform where depth can be overlaid on the price chart? I feel like that would be useful in seeing if the price is going to be pushed up/down around S/R.
  11. 56gsa

    Watchlist that has small chart for each stock

    Question..... I saw a guy in a cafe with a watchlist he was scrolling down on - so it had one line per stick - but at the end of the line it had a small chart Handy tool so you don't have to flick to the chart for each stock ... Does anyone know which software has this functionality? Thanks
  12. T

    ASX200 Index Chart

    Hello! I'm quite new in trading so I wanted to share my idea in order to have some feedback. I've been following the ASX200 index and this is the wave analysis I worked out: I wonder what do you guys think, I appreciate :xyxthumbs Best regards!
  13. Ann

    US Dollar Index - Charted

    I saw what may be an interesting chart pattern on the $USD index, thought I would share it with you. Looking at the five year monthly chart there appears to be a very bullish pennant on a flagpole formation. It looks like it is about to take off. Let's see what happens.
  14. D

    Where to get Iron Ore chart?

    Does anyone know where I can get a daily chart for the iron ore price? I'd like to plot the FMG share price over the iron ore price. I have access to AmiQuote/AmiBroker if that helps. Whenever I type "iron ore chart" or "iron ore price chart" into Google it only provides very vague...
  15. A

    AmiBroker: How can I add an index to a chart?

    Can some knowledgeable person please tell me how can I add an index to a chart. I tped s&p500 but I can't get it. I then typed spx, but still no success. please guide me, kind regards JoshuaJ
  16. J

    Share Price to Earnings Chart for ASX Companies

    Hey everyone, First post/ question. Just wondering if there is anywhere online to get a chart for a specific company comparing their Share price to Earnings over the last say 10 years. Thanks
  17. A

    Scalping using a tick chart vs. standard candlestick chart

    Amongst pro scalpers, would you say that they favour the tick chart over standard 1minute/5minute standard candle stick charts? I'm starting to prefer a tick chart over everything else. Just curious to hear what you more experienced traders use and prefer? What about longer term time...
  18. StockyGuy

    Holy Grail for 4 Hour Chart Scalping?

    Found this vid (just under 4 minutes long) on YT: Looks extremely interesting method of using candle wick formations! It seems to suggest 50-100 pips are no prob (on Geppy) if you folow the technique, even though it may only present itself twice a...
  19. T

    Can anyone identify this chart?

    Can someone tell me what software produced the attached chart. Thanz T.
  20. RichKid

    How to Copy & Edit a Chart to use as an attachment

    Okay, some queries on this so here's my solution: Only proven to work for CommSec Protrader (not the new Protrader2) but can be used for other charting software as well. 1) Display/Plot your chart and right click mouse when pointer is over chart 2) Choose 'Chart'->'Save As' from the...