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chart patterns

  1. Frankieplus

    Scanning charts for patterns - Where?

    How do you go about scanning stock charts for patterns? Is there a service that I can use that scans charts that can find patterns for me such as triangles, flags, anything that can signal a potential break out.. ? How does everyone do their scanning? -Frank
  2. burglar

    T/A; like Notes on Sheet Music

    Pass sheet music to a musician and watch him transform it into music. Then try to convince me that the patterns don't exist!
  3. B

    Which chart pattern to stick to?

    I understand entry is only a small part of the complete trading cycle. I understand the exit is very important as is money management. I remember reading somewhere in one of Nick Radge's articles (and elsewhere, most likely here) to be consistent, whatever you decide to do... be consistent with...
  4. B

    Reasons for chart patterns

    Been trying to get better familiar with chart patterns. At the top left/middle of the chart. Would I be correct in saying that a resistance level has been breached and then turned into a support level? If this is the case. Why does this happen? I mean, what is the reasoning behind a...
  5. shyguy

    Technical book about chart patterns?

    I have read a couple of books on candlestick charting which were great but they didnt discuss patterns such as head and shoulders etc... are there any recommended books that discuss this side of things?
  6. C

    Chart Patterns

    G'day Chart Patterns..can they work or are they useless?? cheers, ceasar73.:)
  7. canny

    Cup and handle formations

    BPO good example if it holds above .034? News probably on the way!! Trying to reduce the size of my chart - will do it shortly!