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    Moving from DirectShares to Commsec + Over 18

    Hi everyone, I've been doing a bit of trading over the past few years through a trust account in my father's name (although with my money) through Directshares. I've recently set up a Commsec account to take advantage of the $600 brokerage offer and because i generally prefer their platform...
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    Transition from ThinkOrSwim to Interactive Brokers - Help

    Hi, There there are a few features/statistics in think or swim which I am trying to locate in interactive brokers' TWS - I'm not sure if these are included. The ones in question include: Probability of ITM/OTM (I know you can use delta as a proxy but this can be 5-6% in certain situations)...
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    Did anyone change share holdings from local brokers to IB?

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone here has an experience of changing their share holdings from Commsec to IB. Were you charged any fees by either of the parties? Was it trouble to do so? I read a thread here about a bad experience of transferring shares between the 2 brokers, which was posted a...