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  1. smithie

    Deceased estate question

    Hi, My Mum died last year in March and left a considerable shares portfolio. We have set up a TFN so the shares are in her name (like an Estate of). My sister and I are both the executors. She wishes to keep the shares open in my Mum’s name for now to allow them to grow, I would like to...
  2. S

    Pay Capital Gains Tax to Trading Platform?

    Hi I am currently on TMX trading platform and have requested to withdraw my crypto to another trading platform. TMX, however, requires me to pay them capital gains tax on behalf of the ato before I can do so. Is this correct?
  3. Austwide

    Purchase date of an IPO

    What is the purchase date of an IPO for CGT purposes? Is it date of application, money taken from account, close of applications, or listing date? I assume it is listing date, as real estate is when contract becomes unconditional and that's when IPO's become unconditional. I couldn't find an...
  4. G

    Tax on capital gain when shares purchased and sold in different period

    Hi, I purchased shares of a company in different days. Below is the detail. 5000 on 8/08/2020 with $2 per share 4000 on 15/08/2020 with $2.30 per share. I am planning to sell 4000 shares. For tax purposes do I need to take shares purchased on 8/8/2020 to calculate gain or can I take shares...
  5. Austwide

    Tax date for IPOs

    What date is used for CGT for IPO purchases? Is it the Contract date Payment date The allocated date The listing date or some other date? I assume it's the contract date as with real estate but would be disappointed to lose CGT discount based on an assumption.
  6. A

    Transferring portfolio

    My husband and I are 12 months into our investing journey. We hold two ETF's with a full-service broker and DCA them both. We feel much more confident now that we could manage our portfolio ourselves and are considering transferring to an online broker due to the high fees of our current...
  7. P

    Managing my share portfolio buys/sells - CGT - Excel spreadsheets?

    Hi, I am trying to find an Excel spreadsheet that allows me to simply keep track of the CGT owed if i sell a parcel of shares that is a different qty to the parcels i have bought and help me keep track of & balance the remaining shares i still hold. ie I purchased 1,000 shares of Company ZZZ on...
  8. D

    Annualised CGT on day-trading?

    Hello, I have a question about managing tax on day trading. I have only ever held stocks as long-term investments before, but I'm going to dip into shorter-term holdings just to see how it goes. My concern is managing the CGT implications. I know that, if you are managing an investment...
  9. G

    CGT finding cost base issue

    As a result of dementia my elderly mother has not kept good records and I am desperately trying to locate a cost base price for a capital repayment she received last financial year for Investa Office Fund. I have a Computershare issuer holding statement showing original purchase was stapled...
  10. john5

    CGT on spending or paying bills

    while ive learned tons about our dreaded cgt over the past few years, there's one part of it i still want to get straight in my head ... as i understand it, if you buy crypto, for example, and keep it untouched for a period of time, then sell it for profit, in aud terms, the gain is included in...
  11. P

    CGT Question

    2 year ago, I bought 1,000 shares of AAA at $3. This year I sold 500 shares of AAA at $5 making a profit of $1,000. However later in the same tax year and regretting my earlier trade, I bought back 500 shares of AAA at $5. Question: Do I have to declare a profit of $1,000 to ATO, or not since my...
  12. C

    CGT from shares sold - HELP

    Hi, I am new here and hope someone can at least give me some sound advice, or point me in the right direction. I have to say, trying to read the ATO site is not that easy, it is just links to more links, very confusing. Anyway, to my question. Basically, my circumstance is I received shares...
  13. Init

    Capital gains tax question

    I have recently come to the point with one of my investments where it is an ideal time to sell due to a likely transition towards a bearish trend, however I have held onto this stock for a few months short of a year. My understanding of capital gains tax is that if you have held onto the share...
  14. E

    Capital gains tax and reinvesting

    hi all thanks in advance for any help just wondering how capital gains will affect my reinvesting what i want to know is if i take 10000 profit and reinvest it in shares do i need to pay capital gains on that or does it work out that i still havent made a profit as my shares are reinvested
  15. T

    Shorting for reduced Capital Gains Tax

    Gday. New Here. Is there a strategy where you have say 10 positions and trade them Long, then when those positions are moving down you short them , but also keep the long position open. This way you could hold the Stock/ instrument for 12 months paying tax on only 50% of profits. You trade...
  16. T

    CGT and Personal Income Tax

    Guys, I have been out of the country for couple of years and only returned earlier this financial year. Some of the shares I bought back around 2010 significantly appreciated in value and I am sitting on large paper profits. I want to sell and realise the profits but before doing so I am...
  17. S

    Advice re: inherited shares and CGT

    Hi, first time share owner/seller and forum user. Seeking advice regarding the following. I inherited a small number of CBA shares in 2009 when my mother died. She was gifted these by her mother circa 1999 (date to be confirmed, I am having dad try to find her HIN/SSN to get more accurate...
  18. V

    Question on CGT for individuals

    how does the taxation office tract your CGT on stocks? so if I earn less than 18k in a year from work and then gained 1k from stock, does that mean that the 19c from every dollar will be deducted on the 19k? ATO has a table of the threshold for individuals. 18k above is the starting...
  19. O

    Capital gains tax and principal place of residence

    Hi, In the news lately there's been talk of removing the family home from capital gains exemption. How likely is this? and would the interest paid on mortgage payments be tax deductable if this were the case? What if you don't have the income to tax deduct against? Many thanks for any opinions.
  20. D

    CFD hedges to obtain CGT discounts

    Hey guys, I have been fortunate enough, to profit quite well for the last few years, from a long only trend following system (equities). I have been investigating ways in which I can reduce the tax drag I have been experiencing (especially after my recent CGT bill for last financial year -...