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  1. Student of Gann

    IG Markets trading and CFDs

    i am considering opening up a small account , I assume that the IG platform just deals with cfds is that correct? Hypothetically how would i trade a CFD contract on this example or is there another instrument that i would use to enter these trades .Example No 1 : lets say I entered a sell...
  2. Roller_1

    CFDs for trading indices

    Wondering if anyone out there is trading any indices purely with CFD's? short to medium term day trading, 5, 15m charts etc. Using predominantly wyckoff & S/R zones. Not having volume obviously isn't ideal but the low entrance costs compared to futures for someone new to discretionary stuff is...
  3. T0BY

    Australian Brokers may be forced to reduce leverage on FX & CFDs

    ASIC is proposing 20:1 leverage restrictions on spot FX, to come in line with ESMA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, ect.. Little annoying, as not having to keep so much capital tied up with the broker is something I liked.. but I guess it was just a matter of time.
  4. StockyGuy

    DMA CFDs? Is it all above board?

    What scares me most about CFDs is the alleged hunting of stop losses. I gather that should be impossible on DMA CFDs, by definition; but am curious if any of those who use(d) them have had any concerns in this regard. Any other negative experiences with DMA CFDs? (Apart from just making a...
  5. N

    Are CFDs a scam?

    hi, im new to investing so some of my questions will sound dumb i watched this and got the impression cfds are issued by brokers themselves, and brokers have software that determines if a trader is a loser or winner, and they just buy the cfds of losing traders, and follow the trades of winner...
  6. Revan

    Tax implications for CFDs?

    Anyone trading CFD's in Australia for "business purposes" do you just pay regular income tax in the business section of your tax form? what business expenses are tax refundable..? Spreads? Commissions? Data subscription? Trading software? Laptop? Internet connection? Do you declare your losses...
  7. S

    Trading ASX penny stocks with CFDs or similar

    Hi; I'm new to the forum so glad to be part of the trading environment. My questions is: Is it possible to Trade ASX penny stocks (basically any equities below 30c prices) with DMA CFDs or any other similar instruments? If so how and with whom? Is it possible to obtain 10 - 20% Margins on...
  8. A

    Taxes for CFDs

    Hi, I am new to Aussie Tax forum. I have been trading CFD's for about a year. Last year I made a loss inCFD for about $8000 which according to my Tax agent was declared as Capital loss carried forward to the next year to deduct against any capital gains in the following years. I read through...
  9. mcgrath111

    Mcgrath learns CFDs

    Hi All, I'm quite familiar with equities and part time trade on CMC / Comsec data, however know very little about CFD's. I've yet to sign up for the Comsec practice CFD account, wanting to have an ok understanding rather than just pressing buy/sell because I'm feeling lucky. Can anyone provide...
  10. S

    CFD trading and holding fees

    Hi All. I want to use CFD's primarily for leveraging. I have been enquiring in regards to CFD trading from a few brokers now they all seem to want a holding fee (in addition to the execution fees). Does anyone know a broker that charge no holding fees or is there any other way to...
  11. M

    Do you use CFDs to trade Forex?

    Obviously a newb. Just sussing out the fx scene. Do people use CFDs to trade Fx ? I don't want to do it on a massive scale. Envisage having a 10 k account to throw at it. Am I dreamin'?
  12. I

    CFDs and Indicative Open

    Hi all, Just a quick question in relation to CFDs and the ASX indicative open price. Knowing the previous close and the indicative opening price, using over-the-counter CFDs, is it theoretically possible to place an order to open at the last close and then the moment the market opens, sell...
  13. D

    CFD hedges to obtain CGT discounts

    Hey guys, I have been fortunate enough, to profit quite well for the last few years, from a long only trend following system (equities). I have been investigating ways in which I can reduce the tax drag I have been experiencing (especially after my recent CGT bill for last financial year -...
  14. B

    Typical fees for CFD trades?

    Hi. I'm currently trying out the demo version of the CommSec CFD trading platform. I've made a $700 profit, of which $307.30 was deducted in commissions. That's almost 44%! Is that fairly typical of what brokers are charging these days? Does anyone know of a more fairly priced (but still...
  15. G

    Shorting shares vs. CFDs

    hi i'm interested in shorting shares since the markets been going down. i can do it with cfds though as well i've heard, but my skills are with shares. i have amibroker and i can scan shares and look for downtrends. i don't want to learn too much new stuff, so should i look for a broker that...
  16. S

    CFD commodities and futures

    How different are CFD commodities and futures? I was wondering if I read books about futures, does that mean I know how to trade CFDs easily?
  17. D

    Share CFDs on MT4

    Hi everyone. Coming back to cfds. I'm looking for Australian CFD provider which offers ASX individual shares cfds on MT4. And does that provider offer the same on a demo account, because some practice after years of forex won't hurt.
  18. S

    A basic question about Commsec CFD platform - index trading

    I just want to ask a few basic questions. 1) buy and sell. does buy means bet on the market go up, and sell mean bet on the market go down? 2) Equity and Fund does Equity mean what you put in the market, and Fund ( I am 99% sure about Fund) means your deposit? 3)what does type G...
  19. S

    Is CFD trading the safest?

    it can "close at lose", let's say if the market hits the point which you indicated, you contact is finished.
  20. M

    Forex/CFD broker account

    Hi, I'm looking at trading some Forex/CFD's and am currently analyzing brokers. One question I have is - what advantages/disadvantages are there if I my account funds are stored in non-AUD (e.g. USD). I expect to the majority of instruments (but not all) I'll be trading will be US based...