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  1. DFENS

    Non-CFD platform?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and I hope this subject has not been covered. As a new trader I have been looking for which trading platform to finally use once I have enough capital and practice under my belt. As a newer trader with limited capital I would be looking to be trading non leveraged...
  2. top_underdog

    Which stock/CFD to start trading?

    G'day, I am looking to start day trading. Ideally, I would like to do it in the ASX. Can you tell me what are some convenient ASX stocks to day-trade with? (in terms of volatility, volume, etc). How do CFDs compare to shares from a day trading perspective in the context of ASX for a...
  3. Dominover

    Forex trading Australia?

    I've never really looked into trading Forex but now I'm giving it considerable thought. There's a million and one videos and articles on the web talking about forex trading.. Every second trader on the web claims to be trading forex. As I am clueless about this topic, would somebody be able to...
  4. K

    Type of Account needed for short selling trades

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on what type of account i would need to open to execute both Long and Short share trades? I've seen CFD accounts, but dont want to utilise a margin, just want to use my own money but to be able to make short share trades as well as long share trades...
  5. T0BY

    Australian Brokers may be forced to reduce leverage on FX & CFDs

    ASIC is proposing 20:1 leverage restrictions on spot FX, to come in line with ESMA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, ect.. Little annoying, as not having to keep so much capital tied up with the broker is something I liked.. but I guess it was just a matter of time.
  6. S

    IG CFD Order

    Hi everyone, I'm a new IG client and decided to have a crack trading the RBA with them on their CFD platform today. I placed a stop order to sell AUD/USD at 0.6988 with a stop-loss at 0.6994 at around 14:29:40. At 14:30:04, the market was rallying following the decision to keep rates on...
  7. T

    Gold CFD Day and Trend Trade Journal [Demo]

    Why Journal For a Demo account? I need numbers before the real deal. To help keep disciplined. To show other newbs what to do/not do. We always see good trades , but I would like others to see the bad ones too. So we I /we can learn from mistakes without losses. No way I would go into day...
  8. T

    Starting small CFD account

    Gday. Have been interested in Stock market Since High School Economics Classes... 27years ago Have been Studying a couple hours per night since April 2017. Paper Trading Since June 13 and Also on the ASX Game making reasonable profits after a bit of drawdown from overtrading , no patience...
  9. K

    Recommended CFD brokers?

    Anyone trade in CFD's? If so, are you able to suggest who best to do it through?
  10. A

    Taxes for CFDs

    Hi, I am new to Aussie Tax forum. I have been trading CFD's for about a year. Last year I made a loss inCFD for about $8000 which according to my Tax agent was declared as Capital loss carried forward to the next year to deduct against any capital gains in the following years. I read through...
  11. cynic

    The CFD, the Cynic and the 600 dollars - What could possibly go wrong? As some of you are already aware, I was fortunate enough to be honoured with the prize pursuant to the CMC reader survey hosted here at ASF. So, for the benefit of those that may be interested, and in recognition of the...
  12. B

    Young, Naive with Questions

    blaz3dafunk1 posts. 01/08/1619:04:15Post #: 18419620 Evening Lads Straight out I'm a complete newbie. (YES ONE OF THOSE POSTS AGAIN) I'm Not a rookie in terms of not knowing what a GLSO is or a CFD or MACD or anything in that light. I've been very thorough with my research these past months...
  13. S

    Invast DMA CFD

    Has anyone heard of or used them? Looks like they have the lowest HKEX commission in town and TSE DMA CFD is something I've missed since MF Global...
  14. S

    CFD trading and holding fees

    Hi All. I want to use CFD's primarily for leveraging. I have been enquiring in regards to CFD trading from a few brokers now they all seem to want a holding fee (in addition to the execution fees). Does anyone know a broker that charge no holding fees or is there any other way to...
  15. I

    CFDs and Indicative Open

    Hi all, Just a quick question in relation to CFDs and the ASX indicative open price. Knowing the previous close and the indicative opening price, using over-the-counter CFDs, is it theoretically possible to place an order to open at the last close and then the moment the market opens, sell...
  16. M

    Using CMC CFD platform

    So I have a CMC stockbroking account, and for $10 a month I can get live data, course of sale ect. Now on the CFD platform you get much better charting tools, but do you get the depth and course of sale data? Has anyone tried this? Seems like you can open a CFD account for free, seems like...
  17. W

    CFD losses from 3 years ago

    Hi all I have substantial cfd losses from 2011 and 2012, when i was trading. I was operating as a sole trader. Is there any way to write these losses off against any past salary or future salary, as it is past the 2 year small business amendment time limit? thanks to all for your valued...
  18. D

    CFD hedges to obtain CGT discounts

    Hey guys, I have been fortunate enough, to profit quite well for the last few years, from a long only trend following system (equities). I have been investigating ways in which I can reduce the tax drag I have been experiencing (especially after my recent CGT bill for last financial year -...
  19. D

    CFD recording on tax return

    Hi - new to this site. I usually do my own tax and wonder how I record my CFD activity for the financial year - I know it is not in the usual shares area so not sure where I should put it? :confused:
  20. G

    Beginner short term CFD trading

    hi for people who trade shares short term, they tend to use advanced charting software to scan for share candidates. what if we are shorting dma based share-cfds? should one conveniently use the same software to scan for share opportunites (in my case, downward moving shares), but then just...