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  1. T

    Gold CFD Day and Trend Trade Journal [Demo]

    Why Journal For a Demo account? I need numbers before the real deal. To help keep disciplined. To show other newbs what to do/not do. We always see good trades , but I would like others to see the bad ones too. So we I /we can learn from mistakes without losses. No way I would go into day...
  2. S

    CFD trading and holding fees

    Hi All. I want to use CFD's primarily for leveraging. I have been enquiring in regards to CFD trading from a few brokers now they all seem to want a holding fee (in addition to the execution fees). Does anyone know a broker that charge no holding fees or is there any other way to...
  3. D

    CFD recording on tax return

    Hi - new to this site. I usually do my own tax and wonder how I record my CFD activity for the financial year - I know it is not in the usual shares area so not sure where I should put it? :confused:
  4. G

    Beginner short term CFD trading

    hi for people who trade shares short term, they tend to use advanced charting software to scan for share candidates. what if we are shorting dma based share-cfds? should one conveniently use the same software to scan for share opportunites (in my case, downward moving shares), but then just...
  5. B

    Typical fees for CFD trades?

    Hi. I'm currently trying out the demo version of the CommSec CFD trading platform. I've made a $700 profit, of which $307.30 was deducted in commissions. That's almost 44%! Is that fairly typical of what brokers are charging these days? Does anyone know of a more fairly priced (but still...
  6. S

    Is CFD trading the safest?

    it can "close at lose", let's say if the market hits the point which you indicated, you contact is finished.
  7. S

    CFD Accounting Question

    Hi there, I have set up a business as a sole trader. I intend to trade CFD's as well as consulting as an engineer. I have funded my CFD account from my business bank account. How do I represent this transaction in my business accounts? Is it an expense or is it treated another way? Thanks...
  8. N

    CFD Trading Loss

    Hi folks Have lost 6 figures trading CFDs (Igmarkets) can any of the loss be carried on when doing personal tax return?
  9. T

    Software recommendations: Indice CFD trading

    Hi, I'm looking at trading induce CFDs (primarily Wall St, FTSE100 and Australia 200). Can anyone provide recommendations for software / data service with good technical indicators? I'm aware of the risks involved and have a moderate amount of capital that I'm prepared to lose. Thanks Tim
  10. I

    Which brokers offer CFDs on small caps?

    Hi I'm a fairly active trader, maily stocks but recently breaking into the CFD world particularly in small caps, however I can't find a broker that offers them on many small cap ASX stocks. Any suggestions?? Anyone else trying their hand at small cap CFD trading? imforforex
  11. F

    Profitable CFD Trading

    Hi Everyone, Wanted to start a discussion focusing on key strategy readers find successful in increasing the profitability of trading. I have been trading for a short time with moderate success, after initially exceeding my own expectations I have found my returns volatile, with particular...
  12. prawn_86

    CFD and Forex Trading

    I have taken out a 14day free trial with cmc markets, for their cfd platform, and am considering putting 2k into cfds. i am trying to agressively grow my portfolio, and cfd's offer the leverage to do so. small % moves can result in big gains (and losses) but im willing to have a crack...