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  1. S

    CFD provider closing market when in profitable position

    Today i had a relatively large position with IG (australia 200 index cfd). At the close of trade (4.00pm - 4.10pm), the market ran up about 20 points, giving me a max $2000 profit. I tried to sell the contracts but the my account froze, identified by a red arrow. When i ran my mouse over the...
  2. D

    DMA CFD providers

    Starting to look into CFD's and was wondering which reputable brokers have DMA. Have looked at CMC, IG Markets and MF Global but haven't been able to find it stated anywhere. Also tried a few searches here but nothing has come up. Anyone have a recommendation? Want to trade with a demo...
  3. F

    Good DMA CFD provider?

    Anyone know of a good dma cfd provider that provides <2% margin on indices and <5% margin on shares?
  4. E

    CFD Providers (DMA) for NZ

    Hi, does anyone know of any providers that are available to new zealanders? All the dma cfd providers seem to be aussie ones :( The only cfd provider in nz is CMC and thats a MM, which I'd rather not deal with.
  5. H

    Best CFD provider?

    Hi all I'm trying to choose a CFD provider which --- offers DMA --- has a low platform and data fee --- excellent order filling --- provides peace of mind without "counter party risk" Any recommendations? btw I've read all the other CFD-related threads but it just seems someone is happy with...
  6. C

    Looking for a CFD provider which doesn't...

    Hi I'm looking for a CFD provider which doesn't profit from a loss I make so that I will not be trading against them. So I'm really just looking for a provider which profits from a percentage of each trade I make and finance charges. Does such a provider exist?
  7. sam76

    Who is the best CFD provider?

    CFD's have been around for a while now and I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the explosion of providers. Can people share their experiences? Ta, Sam