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  1. K

    Recommended CFD brokers?

    Anyone trade in CFD's? If so, are you able to suggest who best to do it through?
  2. M

    Forex/CFD broker account

    Hi, I'm looking at trading some Forex/CFD's and am currently analyzing brokers. One question I have is - what advantages/disadvantages are there if I my account funds are stored in non-AUD (e.g. USD). I expect to the majority of instruments (but not all) I'll be trading will be US based...
  3. A

    Which CFD broker is better - CMC Markets, IG, FPM or City Index?

    Hello everyone! I want to open a CFDs trading account and am considering the following brokers - CMC Market, IG, FPM and City Index - which one would you recommend? I'd appreciate if you can also share your experience, good or bad, with any of them. Thanks. Sam (aka Australian Surfer)
  4. G

    Broker who offers CFDs on Google shares?

    Hi, I’m George..I’m not a newbie in trading and lately I’ve decided to trade CFDs. Now I’m mostly interested in CFD on Google Shares. I’m looking for a company who offers CFD on Google. I’m still searching, but I can’t find the one who is reliable and offers good trading conditions. I’d...
  5. M

    ECN Forex Broker

    Please could someone recommend a forex and CFD broker that is not a bucket shop and market maker? I was thinking about using Thinkforex in Auckland, NZ but too many bad reviews saying that they are a bucket shop who hunt your stop losses. I would prefer a ECN or STP broker instead of a market...
  6. W

    CFD Broker (IG, CMC or Other?)

    Looking at getting back into CFDs. New system and trading plan to try out. Anyone else on the block worth trying? I have used IG Markets and CMC Markets in the past. Used them years ago so not sure if they are still good or not. I will be buying CFDs in the S&P/ASX200 and the All...
  7. weatherbill

    CFD Brokers

    I am thinking of going with IG for my CFD broker. Has anyone had any experience with them? I want to go with them because they are very reputable and have alot of choice in what I can trade. Are there other things to consider that I and others visiting this thread might not be seeing...
  8. D

    Broker offering MT4 platform for CFDs?

    Hi, Does any broker offer MT4 platform for Aussie CFD? Thanks.