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  1. Dominover

    CFD Brokers in Australia?

    I'm considering trading CFD's in the near future and was wondering which broker stands out in terms of lower costs or spreads and honesty and transparency? I was hoping to trade Aussie stocks and Indexes and maybe some FX. I know DMA tends to be more expensive, but is it that expensive to the...
  2. K

    Recommended CFD brokers?

    Anyone trade in CFD's? If so, are you able to suggest who best to do it through?
  3. M

    Forex/CFD broker account

    Hi, I'm looking at trading some Forex/CFD's and am currently analyzing brokers. One question I have is - what advantages/disadvantages are there if I my account funds are stored in non-AUD (e.g. USD). I expect to the majority of instruments (but not all) I'll be trading will be US based...
  4. A

    Which CFD broker is better - CMC Markets, IG, FPM or City Index?

    Hello everyone! I want to open a CFDs trading account and am considering the following brokers - CMC Market, IG, FPM and City Index - which one would you recommend? I'd appreciate if you can also share your experience, good or bad, with any of them. Thanks. Sam (aka Australian Surfer)
  5. G

    Broker who offers CFDs on Google shares?

    Hi, I’m George..I’m not a newbie in trading and lately I’ve decided to trade CFDs. Now I’m mostly interested in CFD on Google Shares. I’m looking for a company who offers CFD on Google. I’m still searching, but I can’t find the one who is reliable and offers good trading conditions. I’d...
  6. M

    ECN Forex Broker

    Please could someone recommend a forex and CFD broker that is not a bucket shop and market maker? I was thinking about using Thinkforex in Auckland, NZ but too many bad reviews saying that they are a bucket shop who hunt your stop losses. I would prefer a ECN or STP broker instead of a market...
  7. W

    CFD Broker (IG, CMC or Other?)

    Looking at getting back into CFDs. New system and trading plan to try out. Anyone else on the block worth trying? I have used IG Markets and CMC Markets in the past. Used them years ago so not sure if they are still good or not. I will be buying CFDs in the S&P/ASX200 and the All...
  8. weatherbill

    CFD Brokers

    I am thinking of going with IG for my CFD broker. Has anyone had any experience with them? I want to go with them because they are very reputable and have alot of choice in what I can trade. Are there other things to consider that I and others visiting this thread might not be seeing...
  9. D

    Broker offering MT4 platform for CFDs?

    Hi, Does any broker offer MT4 platform for Aussie CFD? Thanks.
  10. Z

    DMA CFD Broker?

    heya, does anyone know a good dma cfd broker, mostly for aussie stocks? prefer low margin + fee rates. i've looked everywhere and can't seem to find one. cheers