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  1. Dividend


    Anyone here got any of these designations? I'm sitting for CFA level 1 in 25 days, and I only finished reading quant and equity. Do you think I will be able to pass?
  2. F

    RG146 & CFA Level 1

    Hi ! I passed CFA Level 1 and I noticed you can take a complementary exam to get the RG146. What is exactly the RG146 ? How useful is it to get a job in finance ? (what kind of jobs ?) Are there any job whiche require to have a RG146 ? (which one ?) Thanks in advance :)
  3. prawn_86

    Is anyone a CFA??

    Just wondering if we have any members that are Chartered Financial Analysts or studying towards? As this qualification is becoming more and more recognised and i am looking at trying to complete it when i leave uni. thanks