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  1. nulla nulla

    CDI - Challenger Diversified Property Group

    It appears that CDI - Challenger Diversified was listed in 2006 and commenced trading in the vicinity of $4.00 per share/unit. Like most A-REIT's the share price was savaged between November 2007 and early 2009. Since then there has been a slow improvement in the share price. However the share...
  2. M

    FPO meaning

    When I'm purchasing shares I understand FPO is Fully Paid Ordinary. However, what does it mean when a stock has PLC CHESS DEPOSITARY INTERESTS 1:1? Any response would be appreciated. Regards Matt
  3. M

    Does issuing CDIs affect a company's share price?

    ok, so im a newbie as the question may demonstrate.. Ive been keeping an eye on SUM for a few weeks and noted the 7.5% decline in SP today and am wondering if this is due to issuing by the company of around 2.5 million CDI's? Does this issue of another x% shares directly influence/devalue...