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    Cruise Stocks - bargain hunting! CCL; NCLH; RCL

    If you've been watching cruise stocks, now may be a tempting time to jump in - Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian are at or under 10-year lows! Will they survive a challenging 2020/2021 or go bust? Let's answer this question and more in today's video:
  2. J

    Earnings per share (ASX:CCL); what does the number mean?

    Hi all, I'm looking into the CCL stock, since it seems to be heading down to levels that would make it an interesting buy for the long term. Whilst looking at data, I noticed a reported Earnings per Share (EPS) of 0.56. What does this number mean? Is this 2012? The 2013 forecast? What does...
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    FMG overpriced? CCL?

    I saw a comment on my online broker (NABTrade), it says FMG's intrinsic value is $2.2 . now is trading $3.5 it's overpriced ! it also says CCL intrinsic value is $12 now is trading around $12.8 which is roughly in line with its intrinsic value. Question: how reliable is those online...
  4. DTM

    CCL - Coca-Cola Amatil

    CCL dropping like there's no tomorrow. Down 66 cents as I'm writing. Does anyone know why? :confused: