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  1. Student of Gann

    19th August CBA Low

  2. Student of Gann

    CBA Data

    hello was wondering if anyone could assist me with CBA data as I want to print it out on pieces of paper and then plot those figures onto charting paper . The data I require is monthly ohlc back 20 years . weekly ohlc data back to 2015 and daily data going back 12 mths . thanks for your help I...
  3. D

    Can someone clarify confusion of the CBA Stock

    I am new to stock market, but this looks weird, i have taken screenshot now at 4:10 pm. Why some people offered buy price of 73.89 when market price is 59.11 and seller price is 53.20. If you offer higher price does it mean they get any priority. What price they will end up paying, their quoted...
  4. Redbeard

    Share Brokers - ANZ vs. CBA?

    Which is the better online broker ANZ vs CBA.. I have my own view but I am interested in other peoples view based on their own experiences.| So over to everyone else....
  5. Tl9998

    Is CBA a good buy?

    Just interested to hear some perspectives for CBA at the present time? I recently bought 100 shares at $74.30 and was attracted by the dividend growth. But since buying it, I am concerned with headwinds such as the possible mortgage crisis with a potential rates increase. Further, their future...
  6. Garpal Gumnut

    Market Won't Punish CBA: Royal Commission Should

    Since the publication of the news of CBA aiding and abetting terrorists and criminals to launder billions of dollars over a 2 year period, there has been bugger all punishment by the market of the Banks. During the 80's and 90's the Banks sent many Australians broke with dodgy loans and cruel...
  7. basilio

    CBA in BIG trouble

    The big news in past few days has been the revelation that the CBA failed, on an epic scale, to regulate it's accounts with regard to money laundering. Why does this end up ? CBA risks massive fines over anti-money laundering, terrorism financing law breaches By senior business correspondent...
  8. S

    Newbie, just sold CBA shares - have I made a mistake?!

    Hi all, I am an ex CBA employee and was allocated a total of 96 shares in the 3 yrs that I worked with them, which I held onto for the past 10 yrs, totally oblivious to what they were, how much they were worth, etc... Every 6 months, I was receiving an extra amount into my account (dividends)...
  9. C

    CBA options trading

    cba daily charts
  10. W

    Best day trading stocks and thoughts on CBA

    Whats everyones thoughts on CBA?
  11. S

    CBA, BHP, NCM, WOW pairwise correlations

    In part due to the recent discussion about "range trading strategies" and "picking market tops", I compiled the average rolling 20day pairwise correlation for the listed stocks. Just for the sake of anyone interested I thought I would throw up the last 6 months of data in a chart as for me it...
  12. S

    $12,500 to make first investment, split 4 ways or put it all in one company?

    Ive $12.5k to invest long-term in shares (5-30+ years), ive pretty much settled on the big 4 banks. General advice, would you suggest spreading evenly over the 4 (and paying the brokerage fees), 50/50 or just put it all in one?
  13. B

    CBA hikes 0.30%

  14. W

    CBA Dividend?

    Hi Guys, I am after some thoughts about what the CBA divideds will be next time? I am guessing $0.91. Any ideas?
  15. stefan

    CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    CBA Wow, what happened? I once predicted a pullback on CBA but I didn't really follow it. Down 3.6% today! Happy trading Stefan