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  1. T

    Electric cars?

    Hi All, Interested to know what peoples opinions of electric cars are. I personally would prefer an electric car, but not for environmental reasons. I think the cheaper refueling and possible higher power-to-weight ratios would be a big plus. I also think that it might be a car I would have...
  2. SuperGlue

    CAR -

    Recently listed company, already added to S&P 200 index this week. Overhead will be low, just like an other internet base companies. My 2 bob worth of thought.
  3. I

    What Car do you own? or desire?

    Just a bit of social research to find out what drives the members of ASF! are we all ford and holden loyalists or do we favour the european models? should be an interesting survey! First the car you own, and then state your ideal automobile. I'll go first, 1. Peugeot 407 (2005 -...
  4. noirua

    ***Car Videos***

    We start with this "GM Highwire": The car runs on Sea Water. It has no engine and no Gearbox, and is Right or Left Hand Drive.
  5. Milk Man

    What does everyone drive?

    Just wanted a chat about what cars you guys have and what you want. With all you cashed up traders out there I thought this might be interesting :D I'll start have -2000 VT SS Commodore 5 litre want -1971 Dodge Challenger c'mon any Ferrari's out there?