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  1. T

    Electric cars?

    Hi All, Interested to know what peoples opinions of electric cars are. I personally would prefer an electric car, but not for environmental reasons. I think the cheaper refueling and possible higher power-to-weight ratios would be a big plus. I also think that it might be a car I would have...
  2. SuperGlue

    CAR -

    Recently listed company, already added to S&P 200 index this week. Overhead will be low, just like an other internet base companies. My 2 bob worth of thought.
  3. noirua

    ***Car Videos***

    We start with this "GM Highwire": The car runs on Sea Water. It has no engine and no Gearbox, and is Right or Left Hand Drive.
  4. Milk Man

    What does everyone drive?

    Just wanted a chat about what cars you guys have and what you want. With all you cashed up traders out there I thought this might be interesting :D I'll start have -2000 VT SS Commodore 5 litre want -1971 Dodge Challenger c'mon any Ferrari's out there?