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  1. X

    Rotational trading questions

    Hi, I would like to buy the best five stocks with rotational trading. My question is: Is it possible to buy each stock with 10000 initial capital per trade? Is there an AFL code?
  2. B

    Start up capital

    would $1000 be enough start up capital to start trading?
  3. B

    How to protect your capital

    hi everyone, looking for some tips and tricks on protecting your capital.
  4. S

    Minimum capital to make $30,000 per year in the stock market?

    what is the minimum capital for you to make $30,000 per year in stockmarket :)
  5. R

    Building capital

    Hi guys. I was hoping someone could give me some ideas on what to do. Basically I am building capital (10% of my wage into an investment account weekly) and I have picked up from this forum that brokerage fees would eat into a trading account under 30k. What should I do with my building...
  6. fiftyeight

    Capital Allocation

    Say you are trading 2 similar systems both with similar proven stats on two different markets. Instead of allocating 50% to each system, is possible to trade say 75% of your capital to each, so trading your capital at 150%. Will this increase your risk by 1.5 or will it be smaller as it...
  7. T

    Small capital for the future

    I worked for about a year to a year and half and money was set aside in a super account (about a $1000. I only worked a couple days a week), Since I have stopped working for the company and no other contributions were being made to the fund I have requested to withdraw my funds, which have been...
  8. Garpal Gumnut

    Canberra not fit to be our Capital

    Canberra, a former sheep station has served it's time as our National Capital. It is an incestuous place full of Public Servants, ALP Party Hacks and Union Officials. It would be well as Cromwell said It is singularly difficult for a member of parliament from the asset engendering...
  9. Naked shorts

    Mid-term capital management

  10. C

    Capital Return?

    Hi All, Looking for explantation of capital return. AGL is the stock in question. They have announced a special div of 30cps (been and gone) a 150 mill on market buy back and a capital return of 50cps. My understanding is that a capital return is effectively the same as a special...
  11. P

    $50,000 starting capital

    hi, i have $50 000 to invest in the sharemarket... i want to trade on a medium-long term strategy...6 the end of the sit months, i want approximetly a return of 13.6%.. i want a maximum on 10-15 stock, with 10% ON EACH STOCK(5000) what should be my stop loss figures be, and...