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capital gains

  1. M

    Investing for my children and capital gains

    I have been investing in Property for the past 20 years but I am now about to start investing in shares. I want to set up portfolios for each of my kids. I want to know whether I have to pay capital gains tax on any shares that sell for a profit that were held in my children's name.
  2. M

    Calculating and minimising capital gains on trades within year

    hi there, I'm a bit unclear on what/how the calculations need to be done (including factoring in brokerage etc) if i do say a number of trades such as following. Lets say hypothetically all brokerage fees are $29 per trade 1/1/2015 - buy 1000 ABC shares @ $1.00 + $29 brokerage 15/1/2015...
  3. T

    Capital gains on partial sales of shares

    Say I purchased 10 shares at $1 each and another day 20 at $2 of the same company. I later sell just 21 at $3. Is my capital gain ($3-$2)x20 + ($3-$1)x1 ?
  4. rustyheela

    Tax question on capital gains vs. losses

    could anyone briefly explain how this works ie hypothetically if u have a capital gain of $1500 and a capital loss of $1500 is the net result $0.00 or does the the loss be deucted from the payable tax on the gain ie gain $1500, @ 30% tax rate = $450 tax payable minus the $1500 loss...
  5. Uncle Festivus

    Does Capital Gains affect the way you invest?

    I was just reading a few posts about the markets gyrations over the last 2 weeks and wondered if any of you would have reacted differently if you could have sold but didn't because you would have to pay capital gains tax. It's apparent that there are a lot who havn't taken profits because of...