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capital allocation

  1. StockyGuy

    Call for Thoughts - How Does a War Affect Capital Allocation Decisions?

    Of course, from the start, I emphasise there's no intent to ignore the tragedy involved in armed conflicts. Likewise it's not really about questions over whether particular state or non-state actors may pursue or encourage a war footing simply to benefit financially. I suspect it happens and...
  2. R

    An Effective Capital Allocator

    In Warren Buffett’s 1965 partnership letter, he gave us a glimpse on how to think about capital allocation: “The question always is, “How much do I put in number one (ranked by expectation of relative performance) and how much do I put in number eight?” This depends to a great degree on the...
  3. fiftyeight

    Capital Allocation

    Say you are trading 2 similar systems both with similar proven stats on two different markets. Instead of allocating 50% to each system, is possible to trade say 75% of your capital to each, so trading your capital at 150%. Will this increase your risk by 1.5 or will it be smaller as it...
  4. V

    Capital allocation help

    Hi guys, Hope all is well. I've been reading through the 1985 Warren Buffett letter and came across a paragraph that I want to research further. He says: "In 1985 they earned an aggregate of $72 million pre-tax. Fifteen years ago, before we had acquired any of them, their aggregate...
  5. pavilion103

    Allocation of capital

    I have been trading a simulator for 6 months using an imaginary $25,000. When I am going to start live trading, that is the amount I will use. One issue that hits me straight away is the fact that there is a very limited number of trades that I will be able to take at any one time. I am...
  6. StockyGuy

    Opinions on Capital Allocation?

    Hey Folks, I’ve been lurking here for a few months now. On the occasion of the All Ords dropping 3.5% today:mad:, I thought I’d ask the posters their opinion (I know no on here gives “advice” LOL) on my capital allocation as it stands. (I turned 30 a few months ago, if that makes much...