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  1. CanOz

    CanOz's Capital - a virtual prop shop

    CanOz's Capital-a virtual prop shop Concept: recruit 3-5 keen, wanna be traders. Train them over a 3-6 month period. Give them access to my capital with tight risk controls, monitor progress, reward good performance and cull non-performers. Advantages: compared to a physical firm, no...
  2. CanOz

    CanOz II

    I just wanted to let my good mates on ASF know that after 47 years on this great planet, i have fathered a son. He was born two weeks ago and he and mom are doing exceptionally well and i am so grateful for this. So this, as well as a new career position, is the reason i have not been posting as...
  3. CanOz

    Tech/a vs. CanOz - Futures Trading Competition

    Tech and I have agreed to have a competition involving trading. Here's what we're looking at for a draft of the rules: -Trade whatever you want, whatever time frame you want as long as its spelled out ahead of time. -Risk per trade should be 2% or less. -25k max. trading capital...
  4. CanOz

    CanOz's intermittent and sporadic trades

    Another try at scalping while waiting for FB to open last night got me thinking about how hard it is to trade against the market, for most. This is the DAX. Most of the profitable trades were made by selling a spike up or buying one down. Quite often i waited until the price tapped the MA. I...