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  1. K

    What are we buying on Monday?

    Well what a few weeks it has been. My buy and hold ETF portfolio has taken a walloping over the past fortnight but tomorrow is another day! But some food for thought in the chart below: We are already -8% this year. - Interest rates are low - We are in a seasonally strong period for the...
  2. S

    Stocks I Bought & Sold - Jan/Feb 2020 - How Did I Perform?

    In January/February, I bought and sold 10 stocks on 3 different exchanges. How did I perform? In this video, all sell and buy transactions are fully disclosed:
  3. S

    When To Buy A Stock

    What do you guys look for when you buy a stock, and when do you decide to pull the trigger? My preferred method of investing is "bottom feeding" - I love stocks that have been wrongly sold off by the market, but are solid businesses with solid underlying fundamentals. In this video, I cover...
  4. N

    Question about buying foreign stocks

    how do i buy stock in other countries? can i borrow money from broker to buy then pay them back? because of currency movement, the money i make might be neutralized by rising AUD.
  5. P

    How do I buy stocks directly without a broker?

    Guys, I couldn't find a specific answer about it, so I opened a new thread. Yes, I know what Chess sponsored is but couldn't find much info about SRN. How I do buy shares without a broker? Is there any catchy? I'm talking about domestic investment – ASX listing. Cheers!
  6. H

    Best place to buy stocks like RIO and BHP listed on multiple exchanges?

    RIO and BHP are huge Australian mining stocks listed on Australian, London and U.S stock exchanges. For Aussies, which are the best place to buy these stocks for maximum financial gain?
  7. B

    Do I keep investing into the same company after purchasing stocks of it?

    Hey guys I'm really new to this and i am trying to study as much as i can before i start so please guide me in the right direction, much appreciated. I want to invest into a range of 10-15 companies, however after purchasing stock for one company the price of it will change the next time i want...
  8. A

    When to buy stocks?

    I am facing a trouble ...when I buy stock for positional trading based on daily chart ..after that if the market starts falling ...stocks also goes down...and I run into losses. should I follow any timing to buy stocks ? experienced members please guide. I am trying to improve this area...
  9. burglar

    Is this a good time to buy?

    When I stop asking, I will be in a pine box!
  10. Frankieplus

    Is it wise to buy stocks if I have a mortgage/credit card bills?

    Hi everyone.. I have an investment property that I am paying off and I also have the house that I live in that I am paying off.. Not to mention a credit card bill that's just over $20k As a general rule, is it wise for me to buy blue chip shares? Or should I just be putting every...
  11. S

    Need help: Buying stocks from a market maker?

    Was just wondering, is it better to buy stocks off a market maker or another independent broker? Thanks and happy new year.
  12. noirua

    Buy with open arms?

    I stayed in cash too long, since December 2009. It looks as if markets may now boom like they never have before - ASX200 is a laggard in the world recovery and may test 10,000 by 2014??? The mining sector is high risk but pointers show it vastly undervalued, however, your smaller stocks may not...
  13. brerwallabi

    Big buy opportunities 18/04/05

    When the market opens tomorrow its likely to go the way of the US, occassionally it defies big brother, but somehow I think not this time, well i'm glad i took a week of work because there will certainly be some bargins around come tomorrow afternoon and later this week. My strategy this week is...