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  1. Mickymouse

    Buying in after SPP completion

    Howdy, Buying ordinary shares in a company after spp is completed meaning after the company has issued a spp and the shares have been allocated to their holders does this generally mean the share price will go down ? Sure! whoever participated in the spp will start selling and take profit but...
  2. dolivent

    Buying Shares in Russia

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone's used a brokerage platform to buy Russian stocks from the Moscow Stock Exchange from Australia. Cheers
  3. J

    Buying shares in South Africa

    new to share trading and wanting to know how to go about buying shares in a South African company. looked and looked and looked on google but nothing I could understand. how is it done?
  4. D

    Commsec or Vanguard Direct for purchasing?

    I am looking at buying some shares, VGAD but I am unsure whether to use my commsec account or buy direct from Vanguard. It appears that I only have a one of brokerage feed with Commsec but I have a yearly maintenance fee if I use Vanguard. Is this correct?? Thanks, Jason
  5. A

    Fees involved when buying and selling shares

    Can someone "list" all the fees that could be expected when buying or selling shares?
  6. J

    Buying and selling shares within the settlement dates

    Hey everyone, I'm new to trading shares and i have a few things i need to know that i cant seem to find information on. I started my account with $1,000 and I've bought $990 worth of shares yesterday (22/02/16) with settlement on 25/02/16. Tonight i ordered them to be sold (for a small profit)...
  7. B

    Buying/selling at market

    I am using comsec and it gives you the option of selecting "at market", so the stock price will be the last price the share bought/sold at. 1. By selecting at market will my order be executed immediately? 2. If I wanted to buy a stock and the at market price was 50 dollars but when I look...
  8. H

    Buying shares without cleared funds?

    Apologies if the following question has been answered before: Is CommSec the only Australian broker that doesn’t require cash upfront to execute a buy order?
  9. F

    Confused by confirmed buy price

    Hey all. On the 4/12 I bought some APA shares on open. The price I payed was 8.14... but the days high was 7.848. How is this possible???
  10. TPI

    Optimum % of cash to hold to buy stocks in dips

    Hi, I read that the Montgomery Private Fund has held on average 30% cash since inception, but still managed to outperform their index benchmarks. For value investors looking to buy more stocks when they go on sale, what % of your portfolio do you hold in cash for this purpose? I find...
  11. B

    Which stock broker to use - investing/long term trading in Aussie stocks

    Thinking about investing in some Aussie stocks for buy & hold or long term trading, but also a broker who has a good Cash Management rate when funds are parked. Which brokers would you recommend for doing this? I'm thinking of maybe Amscot as funds sit with Macquarie Cash Management @ 2.5% &...
  12. L

    Help with portfolio/when to buy?

    Hi everyone, new to the forums :) So I want to diversify my portfolio a little and do it right as well. Recently I bought some shares, $2k of AFI $2k of ARG $1k WES $1k WOW I got them about a month ago, but I didnt really look much into when I should have got them, like picking...
  13. S

    If you want to buy a share, what are the most important criteria you consider?

    we want to make money from shares. if you want to buy a share, what are the most important criterias you consider?:)
  14. P

    Buying Shares Through a Family Trust

    Hi guys, This is my first post and I'm very new to the share market. I tried searching for my answers but I couldn't find anything that hit the nail on the head. Here is my situation: I have a company that was set up so that it could be licensed to operate another business. The profits...
  15. B

    Which shares are you currently buying?

    Hi Guys, I have been analysing a few shares, but all the companies that I understand their fundamentals, such as CBA, WES, BHP appears to be trading high. Due to this, I have been sitting on the fence now for a couple of months, waiting for the next indicator on their next movements. My...
  16. T

    Using the company to buy shares?

    Hi guys, I'm real new to share trading so please go easy! Currently, I have a company structure in place - originally set up for my music business/studio (money pit) for liability concerns on advice from my lawyer wife (not a finance lawyer!). It's been running at a loss for the last couple...
  17. S

    Buying international shares?

    Hi New to the boards and new to trading! Most likely will open an account with Commsec. But was just wondering how I could go about buying shares in the international market? Is there a broker I could call in a metro area like Brisbane and buy international shares with? What fees could...
  18. B

    Non-resident and buying ASX shares

    Hello, I am a non resident for tax purposes this FY, I want to know if I can buy shares on the ASX without impacting this status. I cant find anything on the ATO website relating specifically to this (only CGT events). Does anyone herehave any knowledge of this? Thanks.