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  1. M

    Multiple buy and sell of same share in one day

    Hi Everyone, just wanting a Q'n answered pls relating to buying and selling of the same share over the course of the day. How many times can i do it and or over the week without being penalised? Cheers
  2. R

    First buy

    Not true... more like 8th... but first real buy. Hello! I used to work in Financial Public Relations and really started seeing a new world with stocks, the ASX and in general, investing. My first buys were CBA etc etc... I'm currently in my final year of my Master's degree in a completely...
  3. A

    How can an overvalued stock be rated a 'buy'?

    Take this for example from VectorVest (which appears to be a good free method of gaining valuations on stocks) CAR.AX is overvalued compared to its Price of $11.35 per share, has about average safety, and is currently rated a Buy. (26/12/15) Update: came across this post (also on ASF) "Unlike...
  4. A

    How can a stock with a high PEG be recommended as a strong buy?

    So I read about how the PEG ratio is the best guide to choosing the best stock for the money ( Apparently a stock with low PEG is better value for money than one with high PEG. Then why would a company like ORI with a PEG of 10...
  5. G

    Quickflix Rights Issue

    Hi Guys, Im new to the stock market but understand the concept of 'Rights Issue'; However im unaware of how to buy my rights issue? Should I receive any mail? or do I just go through a broker (I use directshares-Stgeorge) Any help would be great as Im freaaakkking out! Thank You
  6. Steve C

    Discretionary Traders - How do you choose your buys?

    Hi, I was hoping the discretionary traders on the forum would share with the rest of us the process they go through when determining what stocks to buy/sell? *What indicators do you use? Do you stick with 2 or 3 indicators for all your decisions? If so what has worked well for you? *If...
  7. A

    Major bank-backed broker blocks $5k "At Market" buy: Will disrupt orderly market

    I went to buy a stock via my Australian, bank-backed broker today online. (one of the big four banks) I put in a buy "at market" trade expecting a purchase to set me back on a currently available/traded stock on ASX today by about AUD$5,000. I get a call from my online broker after submitting...
  8. MattyJ

    Market Depth - Importance when buying/selling

    First off, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere; I had a brief look but couldn't see this specific question answered. How much emphasis do you/should you be placing on the market depth of a stock when buying and selling? For example, is it usually best practice to buy a stock when...
  9. wayneL

    Options - Better To Buy or Sell?

    I've been writing a bit on this lately and thought it might be of interest here. Discuss.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is the question perpetually asked by retail option traders, often having been tainted by BS from some hyped up moron on a stage. I guess the question in their mind is over the...
  10. G

    Can I buy and sell in one day?

    can i buy a share in the morning and sell few hours later? but the shares dont settle until at least 3 days later, also after selling can i then buy another share straight away? this is with the same money, not with extra money.
  11. L

    Buy vs. accumulate recommendation

    can anyone explain the difference?
  12. P

    BUY - Bounty Oil

    Oil and gas discovery fuels excitement Thursday Sep 22 19:32 AEST An oil and gas discovery at the Magnolia-1 well in offshore Western Australia could be a company maker for three of the six joint venture partners, according to an analyst. Hartleys Ltd said smaller capitalised partners...