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    Trading broker to buy either Infratil shares or bonds?

    Hi I am a complete newbie in the stockmarket. I would like to invest 5k dollars in Infratil, a NZ company that invests in infrastructure, retirement and energy. I was told to go through a broker...I've looked around and have no clue where to start. I do not have a Commonwealth or NAB bank...
  2. D

    Ready to buy but not sure what to buy and have no strategy: someone help?

    hi all, im ready to buy but can decide on what to buy, I had a few I was interested but then they fell not sure if that's a sign not to buy or not? I don't have a strategy I was thinking of a long term but idk if that's what should be done for a newbie??:banghead: can anyone give me some...
  3. A

    Help! I'm new and I want to get started and buy some shares

    Hi all I'm new to all this and very interested about it all. What are some of the best shares to buy? How do you know if its worth it to buy them and predict if it will profit? How do I set an account up to do this? How much money should you invest when buying shares? (I want to...
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    What are the ways to buy shares with leverage?

    Aside from CFDs and going into a bank and getting a personal loan. What kind of information to companies publish for investors to look at ? For example, sales revenue, profit margins, gross sales, the amount of debt they have, recent purchases of other companies ect.. Are there ways to get...
  5. G

    Can I buy and sell in one day?

    can i buy a share in the morning and sell few hours later? but the shares dont settle until at least 3 days later, also after selling can i then buy another share straight away? this is with the same money, not with extra money.