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  1. Craton

    Max % difference between Buy and Sell prices

    Today I wanted to place a sell order but was knocked back because the difference (of my sell price) was too far from the previous sell price. This was for share options and there were no other sellers at the time I placed the sell order. So my question is twofold. What is the max...
  2. F

    Confused by confirmed buy price

    Hey all. On the 4/12 I bought some APA shares on open. The price I payed was 8.14... but the days high was 7.848. How is this possible???
  3. S

    Purchase price above price limit and executed price?

    Hi everyone. Been reading on in this forum for a while and appreciate all the info. I just a question I haven't come across yet. I'm a very small time ASX investor just learning the ropes at this stage. My first few orders I made worked out well however I'm confused about two I made...
  4. C

    iPhone App to show my target buy price next to current share price?

    Hi, I'm quite happy with the standard Stocks App Apple provides on the iPhone and iPad. The feature I'm missing though is the ability to display my target buy price next to the live share price. I've looked at a number of Apps, and some support the creation of alerts once the share...