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  1. ducati916

    (Bull) Market Feb. 2021

    So I'll start with the seasonality chart: Re. the GME story: Mr flippe-floppe-flye Liquidity is going to be an issue: Illiquid stocks (small caps) always make for the best targets in any sort of manipulation. So what actually happened is that a big Fundie (Scion) started soaking...
  2. ducati916

    (Bull) Market 2021

    Just a continuation of the thread. When the markets re-open on Monday (Tuesday our time) the Christmas/New Year low volume period will be over. It will be back to business as usual. Last year saw: The dominance of growth over value. This is likely to continue as it is a function of interest...
  3. ducati916

    The New Bull Market

    Now that SPY has exceeded its previous high from the crash, we are officially in a new bull market. The primary issue (risk) bubbling below the surface is: The real spectre of inflation. It is not a risk for tomorrow. It is a risk that is, if it occurs, still a little way down the road...
  4. frugal.rock

    End of the China Bull? Part 2.

    So, some first hand news from the Missus in Beijing. Shop's and restaurants are closed in general. Some supermarkets are open and playing a new government issued song about wearing a mask. It's become a little popular apparently. Masks are to be worn outside at all times. There's 4 to 6 inches...
  5. Uncle Festivus

    End of the China bull?

    There appears to be emerging signs that China has not de-coupled from the rest of the worlds problems. Internal rampant inflation and pressure on food supplies from a cold snap may temper the rate of growth, with local implications/ramifications for Australia? Food commodities the...