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  1. S

    Does anyone think there will be a new bubble?

    After the cryptocurrency bubble, which I never bought even though I knew about them at like $1 thought nothing it. But does anyone think there will be a new bubble out of this virus?
  2. Bintang

    The Great Aussie Housing Bubble - Reality or Fantasy?

    The RBA’s failure to lower interest rates this week has put the spotlight back on the topic of whether Australia has a housing bubble or not. After Steve Keen lost his bet on house prices and made his long march to Mt Kosciuszko the house bubble protagonists seemed to go quiet but they are...
  3. Peak Debt

    Is Gold in a Bubble?

    I found this very intriguing chart on APF, comparing the gold price movement over the past few years to the famous 'typical bubble' pattern chart that we've all seen before. One view says the gold bubble has already burst. The other view says the gold bubble has just finished the bear trap...
  4. C

    A new tech bubble?

    What do you guys think of a potential tech bubble 2.0?. LinkedIn had their IPO recently and doubled in price in their first day and were valued at $9billion. Today, news is going around that Facebook will list in excess of $100billion next year. They currently make around $4billion from...
  5. T

    The China Bubble

    Hi All, I'm raising this issue to see what peoples thoughts are. I personally currently see China as the next most likely country to have a serious crash. Whilst other countries do look arguably crook in their own ways, do to specific things (US monetary and fiscal policy, for instance), as...
  6. springhill

    When will the Iron Ore bubble burst?

    Hey Guys was just thinking today bout the number of Iron Ore producers, explorers and wannabes. Things are looking great on the Aussie scene for the time being while Rio, BHP and now FMG have the lions share of IO exported. But with so many mid-caps endevouring to come onstream in the next 3-4...
  7. O

    Mining stocks: Is this a bubble?

    I'm only a novice, but I have noticed some huge gains in some of the mining stocks over the past 2 or 3 months on no earnings really, just expectations of future results. Take FLX or QGC. Are these exponentially increasing share prices justified or is this a bubble similar to the late 90's tech...
  8. treefrog

    Global Warming Bubble Stocks

    Whilst there is a lot of input to the general chat global warming thread I thought we should have a thread for traders/investers keeping an eye on this field I note a number of mentions of stocks in this area but attempting to sort the wheat (stock comment) from the chaff (what temp my a/c is...
  9. P

    The next bubble?

    I thought the next bubble would have been biotech. Maybe i was wrong. Not that it doesn't have a chance. I just think green energy has beaten it to it. Uranium is caught up in this too. But there have been substantial rises in anthing promising future returns on new technology. Just like the...
  10. P

    Gambling Stocks - A New Bubble?

    Could we see a mini bubble form around the gaming sector in Australia? I think PBLs obvious stance with the Gambling & Gaming industry is saying lots. That move has caused me to think about this sector and it may have the same effect on many others. Furthermore - JUM is rising steadily and...