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  1. jon the pom

    Brokers who allow market orders out of hours?

    Hi, I currently have accounts with SelfWealth, ANZ and Commsec however these brokers do not allow market orders to be placed out of hours. They allow limit orders out of hours and market during trading hours. Is anyone aware of a broker that allow in market orders to be placed after the...
  2. M

    Brokers offering aggregation/bulking to one confirmation

    Our current broker offers consolidation of multiple buys or sells of one stock into a single confirmation at the end of the day. For instance, 20 individual buys of say CSL can be consolidated into one confirmation document at end of day. We're mainly interested in doing $200k to $300k orders...
  3. B

    "Futu Securities" was not authorized to exercise financial activities

    The Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) became aware of the situation of attracting customers from the public regarding the opening of investment accounts in the name of “Futu Securities” on social networks. AMCM hereby publishes this announcement in order to alert the public that Futu Securities...
  4. MovingAverage

    Brokers offering APIs

    I'm posting this here because I think it is more software related than broker related. I'm looking to automate entry of my orders--currently doing it manually. My current broker doesn't offer an API so I'd like to explore CHESS brokers that offer an API--if one exists. Anyone using such a...
  5. B

    Is Interactive Brokers still the best broker to use?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been asked lately but is interactive brokers still the best broker to use? I know there where posts from years ago saying it was but I can't find anything to see if this info is still current? I'm using Nabtrade at the moment and it is more down than up, plus last...
  6. J

    Brokerage Help

    Hello, im a 17 year old from Australia and wanted to take a wee yonder into the investing world, i want to invest rather then trade and given i have such a limited cash flow and amount to invest, i was curious about the options there was for me as firstly the legal age to set up a brokerage...
  7. T

    Best broker for newbie day traders of the ASX?

    Any recommendations for brokers for day trading on th ASX? Who do you use and what are their pros and cons? Low fees are obviously a plus but transaction speed must also be good. Cheers
  8. jono543

    Stake vs. Selfwealth vs. Other

    I’m opening my first broker account, I narrowed it down to Sake and Selfwealth. It Looks like stake is a US broker and Selfwealth is Aussie. This is my 1st time opening a broker account so I'm not 100% sure how things work so I checked out there FAQ and email them some questions. The main...
  9. Redbeard

    Share Brokers - ANZ vs. CBA?

    Which is the better online broker ANZ vs CBA.. I have my own view but I am interested in other peoples view based on their own experiences.| So over to everyone else....
  10. J

    Do any brokers support trailing stop loss?

    Hi guys, New user, new trader here... Basic question, I’m setting up a trend/momentum trading system and want to apply a % based stop loss at the beginning of my trade. CommSec seem to support conditional orders but fixed/limit price. Do any brokers support trailing stop loss conditional...
  11. R

    Aussie brokers with securities lending?

    Do any brokers in Australia let you lend your securities out?
  12. K

    Recommended CFD brokers?

    Anyone trade in CFD's? If so, are you able to suggest who best to do it through?
  13. OoieGooie

    Trading Nasdaq Again - Broker Choices

    Hi There, To keep things brief, I'm currently looking for a broker to trade ETF's on the Nasdaq again and could use some advice. I've dabbled in trading already and I am very much a learner still. Unfortunately I find a lot of false information out there and I've paid for listening to it. I...
  14. W

    Brokers I can use together with Ninjatrader for Futures with good Margin

    Hello Ozzie Traders, Which brokers can I use that would offer me connectivity and chart trading using Ninjatrader that would allow me good intraday margin if I live in Australia? IB (interactive brokers) does not offer any margin accounts for individual traders, and also their intraday margins...
  15. A

    Minimum trade amounts

    Iv joined up to CommSec which has a minimum trade amount of $500 Are there any online brokers that allow a smaller amount for initial trades? Also are there any online brokers with fees lower than CommSecs $19.95?
  16. J

    Australian online brokers

    Hi All I am new here at ASF and have been enjoying reading chatter which appears to be generally very informative and participants genially helpful. My strategy is to accumulate quality Australian stocks and Australian ETFs with medium to long term view and if possible write covered calls...
  17. L

    Which brokers are the fastest at executing trades?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows which brokers are the fastest at executing trades? Iv'e spoken to CMC markets.. there base account has 20min price delays! :/ and they place orders through a secondary broker (EBN) who then files to ASX. Something tells me either CMC or their EBN is...
  18. S

    Finding a stock broker/brokerage website

    Title says it all really, I'm about to start investing on ASX and can't decide between different brokers. I don't want to pay a premium on brokerage that offer advice as i already have my share investments planned but at the same time i don't know it all, currently i'm leading towards Commsec...
  19. M

    US brokers for Australians

    Hello It seems Nadex ( a CFTC regulated "exchange" offering Spread trading and binary options) has now started accepting Australian clients! Had few questions and wondering if any other on Forum can help 1) It has a word Exchange in it's name but not sure it is really a true Exchange? or...
  20. M

    Australian trading platforms and brokers vs. Ninjatrader

    I currently use Commsec to trade on the ASX and am looking for a more advanced trading platform with advanced charting capabilities with live data to set price targets, stops etc on charts to send active email alerts on multiple stocks. Can anyone recommend the best trading platform / broker /...