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  1. S

    Interactive Brokers: Asking for opinion?

    Hi people, I need your thoughts and opinions so please hear me out. I am a new to stock market. I am sorely interested in investing in stocks of companies and ETFs in Global markets.(Ex: AUS, USA, Poland, Europe, etc.) As an Australian resident, it has been quite challenging few weeks to...
  2. S

    Order minimum - Brokerages

    Hello, Although I’m sure this may seem obvious, I went to place an order today via CommSec however I was denied as my first order must be 100$ and every subsequent order thereafter must be 100$ and maintain a holdings of 500$. Is this the case with all brokerages? And if not is it advisable to...
  3. S

    CommSec stock ownership

    Hello, I’m sorry for what may be a rather simple or obvious answer to my question, but here I am nonetheless so thank you for bearing with me in advance :). I saw a video some time back relating to the ownership of stocks. To simplify my limited knowledge, apparently some brokerages let you buy...
  4. S

    Brokerage fees when swing/day trading in Australia

    Hi there, My name's Kyle and I'm a 19 year old university student. I'm new to the whole trading scene and have been researching for the last few weeks/month and have decided swing trading (day to week trading) suits my lifestyle best. I've began practicing my trades on the ASX game and have...
  5. R

    Westpac closing my account

    Hi, I've been living in the US on an E3 visa for 6 years and received a call from Westpac recently saying that are going to close all accounts (not just mine) where the postal address is in the US (not sure about other countries). Essentially, my holdings will be transfer back to the distributor...
  6. dolivent

    Buying Shares in Russia

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone's used a brokerage platform to buy Russian stocks from the Moscow Stock Exchange from Australia. Cheers
  7. Revan

    Need advice on getting started: DOM order board? brokerage?

    Hello all my name is Phillip, I'm from sunny Brisbane and this is my first post on the forum, getting to the subject at hand I'm seeking advice to get started in the markets. I opened a margin paper trading account with the uk based brokerage trade212, their platform is browser based and seems...
  8. History Repeats no commisson for US stocks

    So i was searching through AFR and saw this, an Australian start up company offering no commission for trading US stocks. Only catch FX conversion fees at 0.7% and cash transfer fee 0.5% min $20. Only accept USD i think, stand corrected. what you guys reckon? i might give a try...
  9. Cam019

    CommSec conditional order news

    Hey guys, Not sure if there are many CommSec users around here, but if you are there is some great news today! As of today (well yesterday to be exact) all conditional orders through CommSec are now free! Only the standard $19.95 brokerage applies when your conditional buy or sell orders are...
  10. J

    Brokerage options for selling naked puts?

    Hi All, I am new to the scene and looking to sell naked puts. Can anyone recommend a good broker with a good platform that will allow me to sell puts on US stocks even tho I am an Aussie? I know Interactive is one but I am curious to find out if there are any options? Thanks for your time guys!
  11. A

    Minimum trade amounts

    Iv joined up to CommSec which has a minimum trade amount of $500 Are there any online brokers that allow a smaller amount for initial trades? Also are there any online brokers with fees lower than CommSecs $19.95?
  12. L

    Robinhood broking coming to Australia (Zero $ commission) The zero $ commission broker is coming to Australia!
  13. B

    What's an ideal maximum brokerage % on your trades?

    I use CommSec where they charge $20 per trade under $10,000. I'm in my twenties and am not swimming in the dough like a lot of guys investing in chunks of tens of thousands of dollars, so I'm generally investing around $1500 - $2500 per the brokerage is around 1%. Just wondering...
  14. B

    FREE brokerage offers

    Can you please list all the FREE brokerage offers being offered from online brokers to trade ASX shares? Eg. "Name of institution - $600 free trades, up to 10 trades, valid for 90 days". I think this is useful for someone who wants to save a bit of coin & be a bit of a tightass as every dollar...
  15. S

    Purchase price above price limit and executed price?

    Hi everyone. Been reading on in this forum for a while and appreciate all the info. I just a question I haven't come across yet. I'm a very small time ASX investor just learning the ropes at this stage. My first few orders I made worked out well however I'm confused about two I made...
  16. N

    Etrade brokerage seems a bit steep

    I am new to stock trading so excuse me ignorance. I was planning to place a buy order on 200 shares of Apple stock. The current asking price is about $US100. I was surprised to see the Estimated Brokerage incl. local charges, GST & FX buffer comes to $597.86. Is this normal. I was expecting...
  17. B

    How do traders avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage?

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie and I had a look through some of the sticky threads but couldn't find my answer there. What I don't understand in short term trading is how people avoid paying huge amounts of brokerage? For example I have some shares I bought a while ago using Nabtrade for buy-and-hold...
  18. L

    eTrade charges $500 brokerage for buying $20,000 of shares on NASDAQ?!

    I opened global trade account with etrade recently, on their Rates & Fees page, the rate isn't too bad: But when I place a order on their website, they charge me $500 for $20,000 investing. Does anyone have same experience...
  19. A

    Interactive Brokers: Calculating Commission

    Hey guys hoping Someone could help me please, I'm confused in regards to commission. For example Assume i'm using Flat rate ""0.08%of trade value (commision)""" And I spend 7271.00HK ($1000) on a stock worth 0.01HK. = I will than have 727100 Shares. My ignorant question is; Do you...
  20. J

    Best brokerage fee - Domestic/International?

    Hey, Since there are no new posts discussing various platforms and their benefits ( price, technology etc) I thought I would start one. My question is what broker is best suited for international markets ( America ) price related. I have researched and have come to the conclusion...