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  1. R

    International Broker

    Hello everyone, happy Monday, hope you are all doing as well as possible. I am sadly struggling to find a good international broker for trading US shares. Some charge incredibly high FX fees some as high as 1% every time a stock is bought and sold. Does anyone kindly have any recommendations...
  2. H

    Cheap reliable broker to invest A$5,000 into shares on London Stock Market for long term hold

    Hello members, I am so new to all of this, and have been doing my research but have completely drown in it with no outcome so far. I would be so grateful 🙏if you could help me with advice. I need to invest AUD5,000 into shares on London Stock Market to keep for at least a year (long-term). I...
  3. Dominover

    What is a 'Broker Tracker'?

    I recently saw a module in someone's trading platform called 'Broker Tracker'. Does anyone know what this is for?
  4. D

    Best $0 Brokerage Broker for US ETFs & Stocks

    Which US brokers people are using for US ETFS & Stocks? FX Conversion Fee: Charles Schwab (?), eToro (50bps), Interactive Brokers (?), IG (0.7%), CMC Markets (0.6%), Stake (0.7%), Superhero (0.5%) Almost all of them offer Free brokerage for US ETFs & Stocks except Interactive brokers. There...
  5. Huntsman

    Need to find new broker to buy US put options - Commsec has discontinued this

    I have been buying cheap puts on a US public company that is sure to crash next week/month/year/sometime. All of a sudden CommSec says it will no longer allow trade in these options. Anybody point me towards a broker that can help me??
  6. shevvi

    C6L Singapore Airlines: Yahoo Finance, Google, Broker - Different Price Charts

    Hi, When looking at the stock prices for Singapore airlines C6L yahoo finance shows vastly different price charts to google finance. Eg in Feb 2020 Yahoo finance shows it above $8 SGD but in google finance it shows as around $1.50 SGD: Select the 5 or 2 yr view...
  7. S

    Broker that has option for automatic rebalancing

    I'm currently with Westpac for all my share trading. I'm looking for a broker that has automatic rebalancing as an option. Could be a cheap online only broker or something more full service. My main thing is I hold a parcel of ETFs and LICs, it would be good to be able to select portfolio...
  8. M

    Looking for a trading broker

    I've watched a lot of videos and been reading a lot of different brokers, but I don't know which one is the best can someone please help me? IB, IG, CMC, Stake, self Wealth, thinkorswim etc
  9. Luke_Kim

    Futures broker Australia

    Hello All. My name is Luke and I am from Brisbane. I am currently looking at making the conversion from Forex trading on MT4/5. I am looking at heading to bookmap platform and their MBO addon. To do this I will need to change brokers from Pepperstone to a futures broker that supports bookmap...
  10. D

    Any broker for US extended hours trading?

    Hi all. I am fairly new to the stock market and was wondering, If I wanted to trade U.S stocks during extended trading hours, what brokers can I do this with ?
  11. L

    Best brokerage for day trading

    hey ... starting day trading and ask the group best broker to use reliable and fee cost ? thanks
  12. Dominover

    ASX Equity Research/Broker Reports?

    Just wondering if anyone ever looks at the free ASX equity research reports / broker reports. I regularly get them emailed to me just from subscribing. I may have missed a point here, but why are they issuing free reports and why do they choose the companies they choose for free reports? Is...
  13. Linus van Pelt

    Deciding on a broker

    Hi, Sorry if this is a FAQ. I did Google and search this forum at length before posting. If I missed the answer to my below question(s) feel free to just post a link and say "DYOR" :) I'm new to share investing/trading and need to decide on a broker. My bank is Westpac. A bit unhappy with...
  14. B

    Is Interactive Brokers still the best broker to use?

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been asked lately but is interactive brokers still the best broker to use? I know there where posts from years ago saying it was but I can't find anything to see if this info is still current? I'm using Nabtrade at the moment and it is more down than up, plus last...
  15. Baliem12

    Brokers for beginner

    hi everyone. iam new here so any advise helps. i have been investing long only using Commsec platform. i'm now really interested in trading options and may Forex futures as well. can anyone recommend a broker which has the easiest screener/interface. there are so many out there. Plus500 CMC...
  16. J

    Cheapest Broker for Options, FX, US Indices, Gold

    Beginner Options Trader looking for best options broker for Australian residents. Are there any negative tax implications if I use a US or international Broker? Intending about 10 small trades a month, high return, high risk NTM options. Options will have daily, weekly or monthly expiries. I...
  17. K

    Type of Account needed for short selling trades

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any advise on what type of account i would need to open to execute both Long and Short share trades? I've seen CFD accounts, but dont want to utilise a margin, just want to use my own money but to be able to make short share trades as well as long share trades...
  18. T

    Funding + Broker advice

    Hi I want to trade minimal size possible on the ASX, what are some good brokers out there and what is the minimum funding that I would require?
  19. T

    Finding a broker

    Im interested in trading stock CFDs, are there any reputable brokers? I hear a lot about sketchy thing with CFDs but dont have the money to put up for a stock broking account.
  20. S

    Brokerage fees when swing/day trading in Australia

    Hi there, My name's Kyle and I'm a 19 year old university student. I'm new to the whole trading scene and have been researching for the last few weeks/month and have decided swing trading (day to week trading) suits my lifestyle best. I've began practicing my trades on the ASX game and have...