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    Recommendation for broker for international stock & ETF trading?

    Hi Forum Members - my first post! I opened a account with Interactive Brokers to trade international ETF's but it isn't working out so good because they don't offer Aussie clients Reg-T anymore (for super fund) and the system of T+3 for settlement means that when I sell I have to wait about...
  2. J

    Forex broker recommendations

    Hi Everyone I'm looking to get into Forex trading and would like advice as to whom you have had the best experience with in terms of using a forex broker for exucution, good trading platform, tight spreads etc. You input is very much appreciated Cheers
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    Who follows broker recommendations?

    The questions is who here follows what brokers rate as buys or sells. I am interested to know as I am looking at a system around their calls. Cheers :rolleyes: