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  1. goponcho

    BRK Annual Meeting 2017

    Hi, Anyone else attending the meeting this year? Long shot as it will be broadcast...
  2. Value Collector

    BRK - Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE)

    Berkshire Hathaway is a US Based conglomerate controlled by billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet currently is the largest shareholder owning a little over 25% of the company, and the stake represents 99% of his net worth. Berkshire Hathaway controls 59 subsidiary companies...
  3. goponcho

    Learn value investing...or just buy BRK?

    Hi guys, Still learning about value investing as a method to grow my wealth long term. But, then sometimes i think, why dont i just stick it all in BRK? Pretty good long term return, for a pretty good risk profile with Buffett in charge for now? I feel like i will need to dedicate a...
  4. Y

    BRK - Brookside Energy

    :) Hi folks, RFE ..... should deliver BIG-time, in December 2006 ... !~! Meanwhile some key dates for RFE, may be: 11042006 ..... negative (finances?) 20-21042006 ..... significant and positive news??? ... :) 24042006 ..... minor 26042006 ..... minor...