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  1. Knobby22

    Conservative Election Wins

    Britain and New Zealand have elected Conservative leaders. People sense we need change and good financial management which is their strengths. But you look at both examples and they are parties that govern for all their nation, that have no hang ups with global warming etc. If you look to the...
  2. P

    Are Muslim Extremists Invading Britain?

    This is worth watching, the young girl who comes across as tolerant and understanding is obviously deeply saddened by whats happening in her home town, as an Englishman it saddens me as well, extremists will always be part of society but these people who think they dont have to observe UK laws...
  3. P

    The End of Britain

    A Bit long but worth watching about the UK,s looming debt crisis and very very frightening if this comes to pass.
  4. I

    Is having Sharia law in Britain a good idea?

    According to this guy in the video Sharia law is operating in Britain. I had heard whispers of it before but wasn't sure if it was operating or proposed. The Brits do silly things sometimes but this takes first prize for the...