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  1. bluekelah

    Buying gold

    Hi looking to buy physical gold in Brisbane. Which is the best dealer to buy 10oz cast bars from? I checked out brisbanebullion which sells for QLD mint but the price is much more than perthmint price.
  2. D

    Brisbane Shares Expo

    Hi , do they have any Shares expo or similar ever going on anywhere where you could check every thing under one roof (data packages, software,training ect) Thanks:)
  3. Julia

    Brisbane Storm

    We have a number of members in Brisbane. Hope you're all OK after that violent storm yesterday?
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    Lennons Hotel Brisbane

    I travelled to Brisbane last week in the Arnage, and tired and weary turned in to Burnett Lane to deliver my motor to the ever affable porters at Lennons. It has ceased to exist !! The hotel has been taken over by "foreign nationals" . And it's name will be changed to next or somesuch...
  5. B

    Brisbane FX club at Indooroopilly

    Hi. We are an enthusiastic group of traders, meeting monthly to discuss trading techniques for FX, and a little for stocks and indices. This month, on Saturday 29th April...we are fortunate to have as our guest speaker, a professional trader and his trader wife, he will be giving us the...
  6. C

    Looking for accountant based in Brisbane

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys can recommend some accountants based in Brisbane who are experienced in share trading (particulalry day trading). We have used an accountant and we think he does not understand fully the different rullings apllied to share holders (investors) vs share traders...
  7. Naked shorts

    Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane Bullet train

    Bullet trains can now go 500km/h (actual average being 300km/h), why hasn't anyone built a train that goes the distance? Some pros: > No check in's > People will be traveling from Sydney <> Brisbane/Gold Coast for a long time to come > Oil will eventually run out (and go sky high in price)...
  8. Z

    Sharemarket clubs in Brisbane?

    Are they any sharemarket clubs in Brisbane that organised meetings whereby an experienced speaker comes along to speak on a specific sharemarket subject? Are there any around in the Brisbane area?
  9. R

    Brisbane seminar

    hi guy', If anyone's in Brisbane this may be of interest? Sunday trading seminar - Brisbane Day: Sunday Date: 12th of Sept 2004 ( Not the 5th as this is Fathers Day) Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm Location: Easts leagues Club, Main Avenue, Cooparoo Cost: $5 per person Guest Speaker...
  10. Joe Blow

    Brisbane Traders and Investors Expo this weekend

    Anyone going to this Traders and Investors Expo at the convention centre in Brisbane this weekend? Anyone been to something like this before? Is it worth it?