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brett steenbarger

  1. Ann

    TraderFeed - Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D.

    TraderFeed is a very interesting psychology of trading blog. There are other threads here about this site but they seem to get bogged down into personal opinion. I am hoping just to keep this as a regular upload of his posts without it becoming littered with negativity. It may be of help for...
  2. N

    The Psychology of Trading - Brett Steenbarger

    Hi Guys, I was hoping to get some opinions on Brett Steenbarger's book 'The Psychology of Trading'. I've heard some good things about it, however would value the opinions of any members here that may have read it. I've read 'Trading in the Zone' by Mark Douglas which I found to be a great...
  3. A

    The Brett Steenbarger thread

    Anyone else out there follow Brett Steenbarger? His blog which he updates very frequently is always full of gems. Case in point
  4. professor_frink

    Sneak preview of "The Daily Trading Coach" by Brett Steenbarger

    Afternoon folks, Just a quick heads up for anyone interested, Brett Steenbarger's new book "The Daily Trading Coach" is due out in March, and he has uploaded a sample chapter on his blog. This will probably be the only trading related book I buy this year, and have very high expectations...