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  1. Init

    Newbie questions on potential breakout

    Hello. I am relatively new to stocks in the sense that I am recently taking it more seriously. I wanted to put forward a few of my ideas for critique to get a feel whether I am heading in the right direction. I am not looking to invest immediately at the moment, more just predict and test until...
  2. G

    Hull's breakout trading strategy (short term)

    hi while i've been waiting for the market to start to rise again, i've been studying how to trade in other directions (i need the money , so that's why ). i came across one of Hull's systems designed for falling and sideways markets (short term trading). do you anyone tried it b4? reckon...
  3. C

    Breakout candle length

    What are peoples' thoughts on breakout candles being good or bad when the length is short? Say I get into an uptrend (a new high), or break a horizontal channel, and the breakout candle has good extra volume but is small (e.g. 20% average length)? Worth going in and why/why not? What does it...
  4. Nortorious

    Continuation breakout thread

    Hi All, I'm hoping to start a thread and will aim to maintain the content (post regularly) of stocks that have a continuation breakout. My definition of a continuation breakout is a stock in an uptrend that has consolidated in a trading range and then breaks above the trading range...
  5. S

    Designing a System to Trade the XEC - Emerging Companies

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at building a system in Amibroker to trade the emerging companies index on the ASX. I would like to develop a momentum/ breakout strategy and was looking for advice as to which indicators work best together. your experience would be greatly appreciated.
  6. S

    Breakout system broken?

    Hi all, I have been trading a breakout system the last few years reasonably successfully. However, the last 4 months have been out of character and it is not performing as I expect as my system has previously performed well when there has been a stong run in the all ords which we have seen...
  7. S

    Alan Hull - Books, Newsletters and Strategies - Do they work?

    Hi All I got into share trading around May 2011. A mate learnt me Alan Hull's book "Active Investing" which was good to get me into the mind set of being a share trader and to learn the basics around charting and fundamental analysis. I then started using his actvest news letter and have...
  8. korrupt_1

    The skippy opening breakout

    I've adapted a strategy found on another forum that focuses on the opening time of the US market. This one's for our AUD. Determine the market range for the first 1 hour of trading (ie 10AM to 11AM EST) Set buy stop orders on the breakout above the high of the last hour Set sell stop order on...
  9. L

    ASX 200 breakout alerts

    Hi I thought I would start this thread as some of us are only interested in the top stocks, value wise. This reduces the risk of big losses, but with good analysis can create good profits from stock watchers. I hope this thread doesn't take from the other similar threads as it is not meant...
  10. Sean K

    Potential Breakout Alerts!

    Well, it's been suggested a few times under various headings, but I thought I'd start this to see where it goes. All those people who have been watching a stock and can see that it might be about to breakout now have a place to put it. Of course, this can not just be an opportunity to ramp...