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breakout trading

  1. quanttraderx

    Weekly Breakout Strategy For QQQ ETF

    A simple breakout system to trade the QQQ ETF that uses only one indicator. Trade Plan: Instruments – QQQ. Trading style – Long momentum. Time-frame – Weekly. Entry – Simple breakout. Exits – Initial stop loss and trailing stop. Trading Rules: Legend: DCUp := Donchian Channels upper band...
  2. Init

    Newbie questions on potential breakout

    Hello. I am relatively new to stocks in the sense that I am recently taking it more seriously. I wanted to put forward a few of my ideas for critique to get a feel whether I am heading in the right direction. I am not looking to invest immediately at the moment, more just predict and test until...
  3. G

    Hull's breakout trading strategy (short term)

    hi while i've been waiting for the market to start to rise again, i've been studying how to trade in other directions (i need the money , so that's why ). i came across one of Hull's systems designed for falling and sideways markets (short term trading). do you anyone tried it b4? reckon...
  4. C

    Breakout candle length

    What are peoples' thoughts on breakout candles being good or bad when the length is short? Say I get into an uptrend (a new high), or break a horizontal channel, and the breakout candle has good extra volume but is small (e.g. 20% average length)? Worth going in and why/why not? What does it...
  5. Nortorious

    Continuation breakout thread

    Hi All, I'm hoping to start a thread and will aim to maintain the content (post regularly) of stocks that have a continuation breakout. My definition of a continuation breakout is a stock in an uptrend that has consolidated in a trading range and then breaks above the trading range...
  6. K

    Breakout Trading Searching Methods?

    Fairly new to trading, am currently breakout trading on paper. Short term stocks, about 1-4 weeks. But it seems my biggest issue is actually searching for stocks, none of the books or tutorials I've read really cover this properly. I use Market Analyst 7 and I have no clue what search parameters...
  7. S

    Breakout system broken?

    Hi all, I have been trading a breakout system the last few years reasonably successfully. However, the last 4 months have been out of character and it is not performing as I expect as my system has previously performed well when there has been a stong run in the all ords which we have seen...
  8. L

    Breakout Trading Amibroker

    Hi All, I've been following Alan Hull books and so far managed to get his ROAR, MMA formulas for Amibroker. Does anyone managed to code/ get his breakout trading strategy formulas? He has the metastock ones written on his book 'Trade my way'. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. IB12

    Main types of short term trading strategies - breakouts, trends, counter-trend

    Hi all, I'm usually a swing and position trader so my knowledge in this area isn't as strong. I'm trying to understand the shorter term mindset, and I'd just like to know what are the main types of trading strategies for short term traders. As far as I can tell there are 3 or 4 main...
  10. tech/a

    Potential & Breakout trading--Technical tips and tricks

    One of the best forms of trend following entry signals. There is much discussion on both Breakout and Potential breakout threads. While there is some good info offered up there are also lots of trading hints which can increase the traders hit rate/return and understanding of these important...
  11. kennas

    Potential Breakout Alerts!

    Well, it's been suggested a few times under various headings, but I thought I'd start this to see where it goes. All those people who have been watching a stock and can see that it might be about to breakout now have a place to put it. Of course, this can not just be an opportunity to ramp...
  12. tech/a

    Outstanding Breakout Alerts!

    Personally I think breakouts if you get them early enough AND you can place a trade with minimum risk are the best entry around. So in this vain I thought this alert page would be good for any finds as we all miss the best ones!! MAP is a great breakout of a new high!! MSC is also a great...