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breakout alerts

  1. L

    ASX 200 breakout alerts

    Hi I thought I would start this thread as some of us are only interested in the top stocks, value wise. This reduces the risk of big losses, but with good analysis can create good profits from stock watchers. I hope this thread doesn't take from the other similar threads as it is not meant...
  2. kennas

    Potential Breakout Alerts!

    Well, it's been suggested a few times under various headings, but I thought I'd start this to see where it goes. All those people who have been watching a stock and can see that it might be about to breakout now have a place to put it. Of course, this can not just be an opportunity to ramp...
  3. juddy

    Impending/Potential Break Out Alerts

    URA has had trouble with 30c resistance lately, but has closed above it two days running. Worth keeping an eye on just for the technicals.
  4. E

    Overseas Stocks - BREAKOUT Alerts!

    I`ve got to report this one because its one of my personal stocks. KCS is a gas and oil company in Texas. With a ratio of 90 to 10. That means more gas. The market in the past month has broken out. I have waited to report it because she was very volatile in the last 12 months.
  5. tech/a

    Outstanding Breakout Alerts!

    Personally I think breakouts if you get them early enough AND you can place a trade with minimum risk are the best entry around. So in this vain I thought this alert page would be good for any finds as we all miss the best ones!! MAP is a great breakout of a new high!! MSC is also a great...