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borrowing to invest

  1. Zaxon

    Borrowing against a property for investment

    If you take a loan out against a property separate from you mortgage, you can use the interest charges as a deduction against the profits made from investing that money. For the interest to be tax deductible, does that money have to be invested in a brokerage account under your own name? Or...
  2. T

    Leveraged investing (borrowing to invest)

    Most Derivatives are leveraged so a good place to discuss the subject. started here so not to fill IG thread.
  3. G

    SMSF Borrowing/Gearing - thoughts?

    I did a search and the only thread I found was quite old. I've done some homework in terms of the legalities, but I'm more interested in the Forums feeling on the adviseability of this sort of investment strategy for SMSF's and how it might best be safely utilised, which banks are providing...
  4. A

    Borrowing to invest?

    I just read on ASX that the average long term (7-10 years) rate of return on shares is only about 5% pa by the time you account for tax and inflation. If that's the case - how can borrowing money (at a rate presumably much higher than 5% pa) to invest ever work? Of course the loan expense would...
  5. C

    SMSFs allowed to borrow? Impact on property prices?

    Wondering how many SMSF members (and property investors) have come across this article recently in the Bulletin, and what is your reaction? DIY funds await green light Up until now there has been limited opportunity for DIY Super funds to borrow. The $240 Billion of assets accumulated...