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  1. Funda-Struck

    Valuation Literature

    I have been focused on the valuation method of determining the intrinsic value by discounting future cash flows of tomorrow to find the value of today. However, I would like to learn more about the reverse: Looking at the market price of today, then determining what the market expects in future...
  2. R

    Best Books I Read Last Year

    Books that should be read more than once. Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder While Taleb’s previous two books—Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan—focused on overconfidence and underestimation of risk, Antifragile is the antidote on how we can reduce fragility and in the process...
  3. S

    Books & Magazines for sale: over 10 years of TA of Stocks and Commodities

    Not sure if this is the right place to start, I am selling some trading books and over 10 years of past Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. The books are: 1. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Van Tharp 2. Market Wizards, Schwager 3. New Market Wizards, Schwager 4. Trading for a...
  4. R

    Books on Moats & Competitive Advantage

    I have always interested to find out what makes a company tick. Why some companies succeed while others fail? What enables a company to grow continuously for decades when others fail to maintain that even for a few years. Is it management? The nature of the industry? The products a company...
  5. R

    Books for 2018

    The role of an active investor is to compound return at a rate higher than the market over the long-term. To achieve that, you have to be right and non-consensus. Both require making good decisions. And good decisions comes from learning how to think well. Good thinking can only be achieved...
  6. L

    Technical Analysis Books and Amibroker AFLs

    Hi Guys I'm LeonSL from Sri Lanka. By accidents I found this forum & here I am. I'm quite interested in TAs & use Amibroker for charting. So you guys pls direct me to be a good trader by recommending good TA books & AMI AFLs. Tnx
  7. I

    Technical Analysis book recommendations

    Hi all, I am interested in the content of the CMT certification textbooks however I'm not really concerned about getting the certification itself. Unfortunately the textbooks are rather expensive so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of other books of similar content...
  8. A

    Courses for trading? Books? Links? Any good ones?

    Hi all, I'm a new member of the forums and a newbie to the trading world. As such I need to learn as much as I can before I go throwing any hard earned into the market. My question is: What courses (TAFE, UNI, or otherwise) are worth doing? What books are worth the read? I would love to...
  9. G

    Technical analysis books for beginners

    anyone got some good books / online resource recommendations for the beginner wanting to master technical analsyes? in my opinion, a great resource has these qualities: comprehensive - the main things we need to know all in one place. this would include trend analyses, indicators...
  10. D

    Good books about Behavioural Finance & Forensic Accounting

    Does anyone know of any decent books they've heard of or read themselves regarding behavioural finance and forensic accounting? I've noticed there is quite a few around but I suppose some reviews on what you've read may help to position me with what to get first. Cheers Dan
  11. T

    Course info, newb info, book info ;)

    Hi all ! ;) long time reader, follower, old poster from quite some back too. Have always been interested in shares but family and running my building company takes up a lot of my time however ,times are a changing and I'm now making more ME time ;) So I Was after people's opinions...
  12. S

    Who's read The Wealth of Nations?

    Ok so Adam Smiths wealth of nations appears to be the foundational book of economics/capitalism and im pretty sure i wont fully appreciate economics/capitalism till i read it (or listen to it) so im a few hours into section 1 of 5 of the audio book on youtube, Has anyone else read it? Based on...
  13. S

    Trading Books specific to Futures

    I have read a few trading books on money management, psychology and the charting itself but just wondering are there any recommendations for Futures itself? I assume many of the principles of Share Trading can be carried over to Futures trading but does the impact of leverage etc. impact the...
  14. K

    Beginner Friendly Short Term Trading Books

    Hey, new member and beginner here. Have read a few books on mid and long term trading, however now would like to study shorter term trading. Something using daily charts whereby shares are usually sold within 1-4 weeks of buying them. Does anyone know of such a book that is good for new and...
  15. V

    Australian Accounting Standards - Books

    Can anyone recommend a good book that teaches you how to analyse and interpret Australian financial statements. There are a lot of books out there for American accounting. Anyone read any good books that apply specifically to ASX listed companies. I already have a basic understanding of...
  16. goponcho

    Basic accounting book for value investing

    Hi, Was going to plunge into the intelligent investor and security analysis soon. I however heard some basic reading on accounting would help prior? I do have a basic understanding of economics through year 12 and reading basic economics by sowell. Otherwise not much relevant background...
  17. darkhorse70

    Best stock market books

    Hey im relatively new to the share market arena as some of you might know. I've only read a hand full of books including alexander elders come into my trading room and trading for a living + stock market wizards ( really entertaining and motivational but that's about it ) . I'm really more...
  18. T

    Books on energy and resource stocks

    Can anyone recommend any books (or other resources) on learning about what to look for when investing in commodity stocks eg what to look for in gold exploration companies / miners, oil and gas exploration / drilling, also what to look for in their exploration and drilling reports? Or even just...
  19. S

    Stock Market Books: Applicable to all markets or just the ones they talk about?

    Hi Everyone, As you can see with my name I am new to the stock market game.However I am now living in Thailand and took interest in the stock market game as Asia's economy is emerging. I already created a virtual portfolio and have played around with different companies. Since I am new I...
  20. K

    Books to get educated in Share Trading

    Hey All, I am new here, I am looking to become educated in learning how to trade shares in the ASX and possibly later on in the future on the Dow and Nasdaq. Firstly I have gone through the forum to see what books have been recommended by other users I just want to confirm and also be...