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  1. R

    What Book Should You Read?

    I get asked a lot on what are the best books to read for investing. And like most people, I used to recommend classics like The Intelligent Investor or One Up on Wall Street. This is a no-brainer, right? Why read something else when you can read the best? At hindsight, those were poor advice...
  2. BlindSquirrel

    Dalio's giving away his new book (in PDF)

    "Principles For Navigating Big Debt Crises" But he wants your contact details for it - you can start the ball rolling on the download process at TIP has a review of it on their podcast last week. I'm slogging through the first part at the moment...
  3. TiminOz

    Fundamentals/Mechanics of Oz share trading: Clearest, most Thorough book?

    Hey traders! Could anyone recommend such a book to me? (or even a (free) YouTube video series?) I'm a complete novice and I'd like: * a book on the FUNDAMENTALS and MECHANICS (not so much massive DEPTH on WHAT to buy) * it would cover SHARES, but a BONUS would be the coverage of other...
  4. Leaps

    "Options in motion" book - what do you think?

    Hi there, I've been reading this book by Katiforis & Macris, in which they explain in impressive detail some investment strategies for options. The ones that interest me are 'share replacement' (buying long term in the money call options of 3-9 months or more), 'covered calls' (with roll backs...
  5. howardbandy

    Dr Howard Bandy's newest book has been published

    Greetings -- Today, August 24, 2016, is the publication date for my newest book, "Foundations of Trading." The book's web page is (That will take you to the Blue Owl Press website from which all of the books and video presentations are available.) It...
  6. goponcho

    Basic accounting book for value investing

    Hi, Was going to plunge into the intelligent investor and security analysis soon. I however heard some basic reading on accounting would help prior? I do have a basic understanding of economics through year 12 and reading basic economics by sowell. Otherwise not much relevant background...
  7. vxleather

    "Motivated Money" By Peter Thornhill

    Has anyone read this book, if so what are your thoughts on his concepts of long term income from the share market?
  8. M

    Creditability of The Liberated Stock Trader Book & Course?

    Hi Guys, Does any one recommend the book and course "The Liberated Stock Trader: A Complete Stock Market Education" Despite it being on Amazon, I do not believe the sample 11 customer reviews are a fairly accurate opinion...
  9. M

    Day trading - book/guide recommendation

    Hello, I'm quite new to stock trading. I put all my savings into various stocks a couple of months ago. I haven't made so much but it's more exciting than having cash in the bank. I wanna look at day trading, though I'd rather read a good book or an guide about it first. I want to avoid...
  10. L

    Good book for beginner?

    Hi, I just graduated uni and now I have a half decent paying engineering job. I know nothing about stocks etc. I am about half way through the book "Rich dad, poor dad" but it does not give any guidelines to what is a good investment. I was thinking about buying one of "The dummies guide...

    Best trading book

    Hi guys, Could the trading Guru's recommend what trading books in the ASF shop are really good? A little bit of analysis would be good (if possible) I like the look of the books on psychology etc Thanks in advance guys
  12. Julia

    Mark Latham's New Book

    It appears that Mark Latham has penned yet another bunch of unpleasant remarks about his erstwhile colleagues and opponents. It is elegantly entitled "A Conga Line of Suckholes". Here are some comments from today's "". "Never throw mud. You may miss your mark, but you will...
  13. M

    What is the best book you've read about investing in the stock market?

    Hi, What is the best book you read about investing in the stock market? :confused: I want to read some new books. :)