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  1. divs4ever

    Five lessons for bond investors from the Virgin collapse DYOR
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    When China invades Taiwan: Where to Stocks and Bonds?

    I was running some scenarios with the yardman from the hotel last night and the small matter of Wolf Diplomacy by the Chinese cousins came up. I believe the CCP recently enjoined their hapless Ambassador in Canberra to front a movie worthy of a sixpenny seat in the stalls in the 1950's. From the...
  3. Dominover

    Credit Spreads Australia - Treasury vs. Corporate?

    Does anyone know where I can get data on Credit spreads for the Australian market? I'm particularly interested in spreads between Australian Treasury bonds and Australian Corporate bonds Struggling to find any readily available data on this.
  4. Zaxon

    Bonds vs. HISA: some new insights

    For fixed rate income, you have the choice of a High Interest Savings Account or Bonds. Given how bad bond rates are: 1.22% is the best you get if you buy a treasury bond at current face value Given how HISA accounts can give a better return: 2.1% for instance I've been struggling to...
  5. F

    Fixed Interest vs. Bonds

    I am re-balancing my investment portfolio. Considering the trend of Australian and global interest rates would it be more advantageous moving from VAF to either VGB or VACF ie., moving from fixed interest index to either government or corporate bonds?
  6. Zaxon

    Do you needs bonds?

    I raised this question in another thread, but it deserves a dedicated thread to flesh it out more. You have to take risk to get good returns: share market. But due to market fluctuations, any money you need in the short term should be risk free: high interest bank account, term deposit...
  7. F

    Govt Bonds

    Hello, I have a few questions re govt bonds and whether it is worthwhile to do this. I'm looking for something that is low risk and hopefully with no capital gains tax. I'm new to the workforce (24 years old) and have managed to save a small sum. I have travelled extensively in the past few...
  8. C

    Where can I buy international bonds?

    Hi all, Im trying to incorporate some global corporate / sovereign fixed income but need a few specific bonds, not ASX ETPs (like IHCB, IHHY or IHEB). Whats the best platform in Australia to gain access to these markets? Thanks.
  9. Cam019

    Buffetts Books - Learning Resource for Value Investors

    Buffetts Books I have found this to be a great learning resource over the last couple of years and as far as I am aware, it is yet to be posted to ASF. The website is all things Warren Buffett; from recommended books, podcasts, IV, DCF and bond calculators, to the 35 video investment course...
  10. S

    Newbie buying bonds

    I've just finished a 9 month term deposit and want to buy bonds. I have never brought bonds before and am having some difficulty understanding them. One of my questions is - are all bond coupons annual? i.e you must hold a bond for 1 year to receive the full coupon? I do have a few other...
  11. G

    Broker for US Corporate Bonds

    Does anyone know a broker (if any) to use for buying US Corporate Bonds? IB doesn't let Australian residents to trade bonds (saying its due to regulatory requirements). I tried Googling but nothing useful comes up. Thanks for any help.
  12. D

    ABE - Australian Bond Exchange Holdings

    Does anyone have experience with Australian Corporate Bond Exchange - good bad or indifferent ? I was thinking of buying a portfolio of Australian Corporate Debt and (apart from FIIG) was wondering what peoples experience was. There does not seem to be a lot of choice. I'm doing a 'Dun and...
  13. H

    Help with government bonds!

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about investing in Australian government bonds and can't decide between indexed and non-indexed bonds :confused:. What are the main pros and cons for either of them in your opinions and when is a good time to buy them? Also, I know that they can be purchased just like...
  14. H

    Why did stocks and bonds both plunge on 9 Sep 2016 despite negative correlation?

    Stocks and bonds have an inverse correlation relationship historically. This allows portfolio managers to do hedging. Today, they seem to be directly correlated. Both plunge on 9Sep2016. Why the change in the correlation?
  15. B

    What is going on with bond section in ASX website?

    Looking here:>Asx website There seems to be only 3 corporate bonds listed what is going on here? In addition looking at the government bonds section...
  16. H

    What are some fixed income bond ETFs listed on ASX?

    What are some bond ETFs that are fairly liquid on ASX? By the way, are there junk bond ETFs on ASX?
  17. darkhorse70

    DH7 Trades the Bond Futures

    Ok, so I didn't end up making the pass through to Propex. Bummer I know but whatever. Frankly I don't have the same faith in the system as I once did. What I mean by that is that I believe willing your going to put in the time and always have the mindset of trying to improve, there's no reason...
  18. H

    How to buy government bonds?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to trading so apologies if I ask any stupid questions. Just wondering, I'm interested in buying government bonds and I've read that you buy them just like any other shares on the ASX, however, I've searched for the bond codes on the ASX and nothing shows up. Where do I go to...
  19. S

    Australian residents prohibited from buying foreign bonds?

    I've had some chats with two Interactive Brokers' customer support reps about why I am unable to see the "Fixed income" category in the trading configurations settings. According to both of them, Australians are not allowed to trade in bonds due to "regulatory issues" but they were not able to...
  20. K

    Trading broker to buy either Infratil shares or bonds?

    Hi I am a complete newbie in the stockmarket. I would like to invest 5k dollars in Infratil, a NZ company that invests in infrastructure, retirement and energy. I was told to go through a broker...I've looked around and have no clue where to start. I do not have a Commonwealth or NAB bank...