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bond yield

  1. Cam019

    Low Long Bond Yields - Is This The New Norm?

    Thought I'd get some discussion going about peoples thoughts on 30Y government bond yields. Do you think this low yield environment is the new norm? Could we see consistently low bond yields below say, 2-3% for the majority of the developed world for the next 30 years? If yes, current equity...
  2. DeepState

    Long Bond Yield Collapse - What Gives?

    Yields gapped lower this week from historically low levels: US 10 yr: 2.52% UK 10 Yr: 2.56% Germany: 1.33% Australia: 3.72% Gold Steady Equity markets steady/new highs VIX 12.44 USD fairly unch vs GBP, JPY and AUD although EUR weakens Copper rising strongly in May US inflation...