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    Long term blue chip investment

    Hi guys. First I'd like to tell you guys a bit about myself then I'll get in to the topic. I am a 20 year that is looking for work but has 10k in the bank, which gives me 35 dollars a month interest. I am going to do blue chips because I want to get comfortable first and get the hang of trading...
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    Best blue chips to buy?

    I hate the 4.25% interest you get from term deposits now days.. I want something better anything higher then that would be awesome for now.. Can anyone recommend me some company's that are blue chip. I am still a beginner so I rather play safe. Anyone have blue chips and can someone tell...
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    Favourite undervalued blue chip?

    What's your favourite undervalued blue chip stock? There has to be some good value out there somewhere. Please note I am taking a medium to long term outlook. At the moment I like PBB (Pacifica). Been sold down recently but I have a feeling it may be bottoming out. Been on a steady decline...