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  1. peter2

    Feedspot's Top 100 Stock Blogs and Websites for Stock Traders

    This list is worth browsing if your looking for information to help your trading or to get trade ideas. I became aware of this list from Brett Steenbarger's TraderFeed blog (btw he's in the list also). The surprise was #14 on this list. Check it out.
  2. CanOz

    Great blog for those starting out in technical analysis

    Check out Adams blog and podcasts for a very practical learning experience from a very talented individual.....
  3. stock nub

    My investment blog

    Hi guys, Thought i would share my blog here seeing as this website partially inspired me to start it. Only have two posts up so far but will keep it updated as regularly as i can and post here when i make new posts. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Peak Debt

    Real Estate industry pays 'shills' and 'spruikers' to post on blogs/forums?

    A huge problem in society today is that the media and the blogosphere are dominated by the one-percent. They control everything, the news we read and watch, the "truth" that they drip fed to the unthinking masses, to the 99 percent. It was recently revealed that the Aussie real estate...
  5. B

    Share!! Your favourite investment blogs...

    Hello everyone. I have been accumulating a list of wisely written (IMO) blogs over the last 12 months. I dont mind sharing this list with everyone in return for some additions to my list! Would be interested to hear everyones thoughts on these blogs, do you already read them and what do you...
  6. D

    Good share trading blogs?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you know of any quality share trading blogs that are suitable for beginners? Who reads a book these days when you have a screen infront of you? haha.. *kidding* Or any other beginner areas for share trading?