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  1. K

    TRP Capital Scam

    There is a Gold Coast based phoenix company calling themselves TRP Capital who are currently cold calling Australians offering a black box software package. The company details are; TRP Capital Phone: 1800 556 916 Phone: 1300 556 916 ACN: 163921515 This is the...
  2. G

    Guardian ATS

    Has anybody come across a company called Guardian ATS, based on the Gold Coast who offer 'white-box' trading software? Interested to hear anybody's experiences, good or bad.
  3. N

    Black Box Trading

    Extremely interested in starting to trade and have been trying to do all the right things before l plunge in - heaps of research, stategy simulations, talking to other active day traders etc A few days ago I was thrown a huge curve ball when a company selling a Black Box program gave me the...
  4. J

    Integra Pro?

    Morning all, Can anyone give me any feedback on the 'Integra Pro' trading program please? One of mum's friends has put her onto it and she's keen. It appears to be a 'Hometrader' type system with generated buy sell triggers off tech data. I've never heard of it and can't find anything on...