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bill shorten

  1. bigdog

    Bill Shorten: High Flying Fake Or The Worker's Friend

    Bill Shorten: High Flying Fake Or The Workers Friend — The Australian by Jim Ball | Feb 12, 2017 | Bill Shorten, Blog, Labor Party | 0 comments Meet the workers friend. The fake, phony, fraud and arriviste, the slithering reptile and all round parvenu, Bill Shorten. Turnbull is right. Shorten...
  2. bigdog

    How to avoid Shorten's plan to abolish the refund of excess franking credits

    This article is from the April 8 issue of The Age Digital Edition. To subscribe, visit Noel Whittaker LABOR'S CHANGES A TAX ON WIDOWS Labor’s latest attack on franked dividends is not a tax on the wealthy, it is a tax on widows. Let me show you...
  3. drsmith

    Bill Shorten's definition of misogyny

    It's like everything Labor does. A bloody mess.
  4. dutchie

    Is Shorten PM material?

    So we have a Swan that is a goose. Now we have a smart alec Shorten that's one too! Bill thought he had Tony Abbott in his sights and picked him up on his stumble about the time that the RBA would announce the next interest rate:- BILL SHORTEN: We all make mistakes but when you want to...