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    Strange Bid before close?

    Hey guys, I've been watching a stock lately to try and learn a bit about the stock market. LNG is the company, and today just before close there seemed to be a new bid placed well above the normal bids and offers. I have attached a picture of this. Now, my question is, according to...
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    Ask, Last, Bid Parameters In Order Types (Market, Limit, Stop)

    Hi, My question is related to any trading platform and any country's stock market. 3 types of orders exist and two situations so we have 6 combinations: 1. Limit order, buying 2. Limit order, selling 3. Stop order, buying 4. Stop order, selling 5. Market order, buying 6. Market...
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    BID - Bill Identity

    Cove Resources Limited (CVE) is an Australian based mineral exploration company that has the right to earn up to 100% equity interest into four Gold Projects that make up the Goongarrie, Carosue, Sunrise Dam and Spargoville Projects located in Western Australia.